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Реферат The summary of the degree paper «The role of the environment in forming the teenager personality»


Тип работы: Реферат. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 11.11.2012. Страниц: 6. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: < 30%

Описание (план):

The pubertal age is one of the main periods in the personal development. In this period the new formations are formed such as self-identity, Image-I, self-consciousness, world view, value notion and other aspects which characterized the personality. The social environment in which the child is brought up, develops, lives plays an important role in forming personality at the pubertal age as well as at any other age. The conditions of family upbringing, going to school, communication in the group of peers, influence of mass media as well as many other things may occur positive and negative influence upon forming the personality of the child in the pubertal period. Disadvantage conditions of environment may form deviant patterns of behavior and characteristics of personality which may bring the teenagers to perpetrating a crime, using drugs and other form of asocial behavior. This defines the social value of the given research.
А lot of foreign scientists (M.Kle, F.Rice, H.Remshmidt, D.Sheffer, E.Erikson) as well as native ones (L.I. Bozhovich, L.S.Vygodskiy, I.S.Kon, A.N. Leontyev, A.M. Prihozhan, N.N. Tolstyh, D.I. Feldshtein, D.B. Elkonin etc.) are interested in the problem of the influence of environment on forming personality in the purbertal period. In these works and many others the problem of adolescence is considered from different parts including within the framework of study of the influence of the environment on development of the teenager personality. However it should be noted that many of these works describe the data of experiments made in 70th-80th of the last century. The contemporary experimental work devoted to the given problem is not enough. This determines the scientific value of our work.
The determination of the causes and consequences of the disadvantage development of the child in adolescence may help us to formulate recommendations to the program of correcting the deviant behaviour. This work forms practical value of the given research.
Based on the written above, we can formulate the following problem of our research.
It is established the great influence of the social environment upon forming and development of teenagers personalities on the modern stage of the development of social-psychological scientific thought. First of all this fact is predetermined by physiological ("hormone shift"), social (the condition of the household education and education in school) and psychological (forming self-concept and self-consciousness, intellectual and emotional development) peculiarities of the child development in the pubertal period. At the same time now it remains unknown the degree of influence of the different conditions of environment upon the development of the teenager personality.
In this connection, the purpose of our research is a study of the role of the environment in forming the personality of the teenager.
The object of the study is a personality of the teenager at age of 14- 15 years.
The subject of the study is a social environment as a factor of the development of the child personality in the pubertal period.
The hypothesis of the study says that a social environment (and, first of all, group of peers) influences on development of the personality of the teenager, at the same time the disadvantage factors of the environment (troubles in family, asocial groups of peers and etc.) influence upon forming negative personal patterns (the high level of aggressiveness, anxiety and etc.) at the age of 14-15 years.
The given degree paper consists of three chapters.
The first chapter "Theoretical aspects of the study of the problem of the influence of the environment on forming the personality of the teenager" comprises three paragraphs.
In the first paragraph we have considered social-psychological features of the children in the pubertal period.
The development of the person at the pubertal age is a subject of the studies in Russian (L.S. Vygotskiy, P.P. Blonskiy, L.I. Bozhovich, V.V. Davydov, I.S. Kon, D.I. Felidshteyn, D.B. Elikonin and others) and foreign psychology (M. Kle, E. Shpranger, E. Erikson and others). However, in spite of a great number of the .....

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