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Реферат Стилистические повторы (на английском языке)


Тип работы: Реферат. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 25.2.2014. Сдан: 2013. Страниц: 10. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: < 30%

Описание (план):

What is a repetition?
None of artistic text can exist without stylistic devices, urged to decorate it, add dynamic and expressiveness, the ability to produce an impression on the reader or to emphasize some important details. Many scientists touch upon the problem of repetition. In our work we stick to the opinion of I. Galperin, as his work on this topic is one of the most fundamental.
The aims of stylistics are expressive means and stylistic devices, based on some important structural moment of an utterance, which can consist of one or several sentences. Stylistic device is the method of text organization, which intensifies its expressiveness.
Stylistic repetition is one of the most favourite devices in artistic texts. Many writers use the wide variety of this device to concentrate the reader’s attention on this or that important detail, to reinforce the impression the scene or the episode could produce or to create expression of the speech, in other words, repetition is definitely the decoration of an artistic text. So let’s talk about repetition, its definition and its functions in the artistic work.
Repetition is a stylistic device, the essence of which is to repeat one and the same word or phrase, aiming to add more expressiveness to the utterance.

Repetition of the same content word across a text or paragraph is the simplest, most basic meaning link between vocabulary. The easiest way to connect information or an idea across a text through lexical cohesion is to repeat the same word - but it should not be the only type of lexical cohesion you use.
Repetition is also defines as the basic variety of stylistic figures of addition. So we can define repetition as the use of the same words, synonyms, morphemes, sounds or syntactical constructions a few times and within noticeable distance. Since such disciplines as linguistics and literary stylistics have appeared, the investigators have been searching for the answers on the problems of repetition and its classification. The interest to this phenomenon is constantly growing, as more and more works are dedicated to the topic of repetition. Repetition can be lexical and syntactical (including anaphora, epiphora, anadiplosis, framing constructions, syntactical tautology, etc.).
“Lexical repetition”, Galperin writes, “is defined as the repetition of a word or a phrase in the structure of one utterance (it can be a sentence, complicated syntactical structure, a paragraph) and within the bigger units of communication, including a number of utterances (for example, a text). The distance between the repeated units and the quantity of repetitions can be different, but it is obligatory that the repetition could be noticeable by the reader. If the repetition doesn’t go with the use of polysemantic function, then its function may be intensifying, or emotional, or intensifying-emotional”.
Repetition as a stylistic device is the typical generalization of linguistic means of expressing excited condition, which could be expressed by different means, depending on the degree and the character of the excitement. The speech can be sublime, passionate, nervous, touched, etc. The excited speech is notable for fragmentariness, sometimes for illogicality, for repetition of separate parts of the utterance. Moreover,........

Cписок использованной литературы:
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