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реферат Economic history of New Zealand


Тип работы: реферат. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 22.1.2015. Сдан: 2013. Страниц: 13. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: < 30%

Описание (план):

1.1 Maori economy 4
1.2 Europeans arrive 4
1.3 19th-century M?ori economy 5
1.4 The great depression 6
1.5 British market 7
1.5.1 Manufacturing 8
1.6 New market 8
Chapter 2 EARLY 2000s. XXI CENTURY 9
2.1 Transformed economy 9
Conclusion 11
The list of used literature 12

For many years New Zealands economy was built on a narrow range of agricultural products, such as wool, meat and dairy. These products became New Zealands staple and most valuable exports, underpinning the success of the economy, from the 1850s until the 1970s.
In my work I want to consider aspects such as directly development of New Zealands economy and talk about the economic situation in present day.

1.1 Maori economy
Before Europeans arrived the M?ori economy was based on gift exchange and bartering. Resources such as forests were depleted, and some species became extinct, for example moa. But over time people learnt to manage their environment.
Europeans brought a money economy, and M?ori quickly began to produce goods for trade. At first M?ori trade thrived, but as fertile land was lost people no longer produced goods for sale.
1.2 Europeans arrive
The arrival of Europeans brought new peoples (and diseases), materials, plants and animals, technologies and ideas, together with new sources of capital and opportunities to trade. The M?ori response to the challenges these brought was not simply a matter of imitation. To succeed the response had to be creative and appropriate to local conditions.
New Zealand became a more specialised economy, both within the country, where the distinction between household and business became common, and in the world economy, as a specialist provider of food and fibre. Gr........

The list of used literature
1. < en>
2. < RePEc/cbt/econwp/0802.pdf>

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