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научная работа Tourism and recreational opportunities of Latin america


Тип работы: научная работа. Добавлен: 29.08.2012. Сдан: 2011. Страниц: 24. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: < 30%

Описание (план):

Tourism and recreational opportunities of  Latin america
1.1. The General characteristic of natural features of Latin America for tourism....
1.1.1. Fiziko-geographical features of Brazil for tourism...
1.1.2. Fiziko-geographical features of Bolivia for tourism
1.1.3. Fiziko-geographical features of Paraguay for tourism.
1.1.4. Fiziko-geographical features of Uruguay for tourism
1.2. Especially protected natural территории
1.3. The Historical and cultural heritage of the countries of Latin America
For tourism...
1.3.1. The Historical and cultural heritage of Brazilii.
1.3.2. The Historical and cultural heritage of Bolivia.
1.3.3. The Historical and cultural heritage of Paragvaja.
1.3.4. The Historical and cultural heritage of Uruguay.
1.4. Use of kurortno-recreational complexes in the tourist purposes...
1.4.1. The countries of Latin America on world tourist рынке
1.4.2. The countries of Latin America in the Russian tourist market
1.4.3. Brazil - the largest center of tourism of Latin Amerik
1.4.4. Bolivia - the center cultural-informative туризма
1.4.5. Paraguay - the country with слаборазвитой an infrastructure
1.4.6. Uruguay - the modern center of the international tourism.
I Part:
The theoretical task: General characteristics of tourism in the countries of Latin America
On the territory of Latin America are 32 states: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti, Guyana, Guatemala, Honduras, Grenada, Dominica, Dominican republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Salvador, Saint-Винссент and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Jamaica, as well as the colonial possessions of great Britain, France, the Netherlands and the USA
As many mysterious, picturesque, enchanting its primeval concluded in these two words. Interest to the countries of Latin America has always existed, but before Russian travelers were limited, as a rule, the beaches of Acapulco, or Канкуном, or sent to the brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro and to the argentine falls Iguazu. Some lovers of the exotic are not afraid to make a trip to the Amazon forest.
But, if you look at Latin America closer, you can open as many interesting historic, geographic and ethnic reservoirs, which may attract the attention of even an experienced traveler with the experience. It is enough to mention, that in this part of America preserved traditions of the indians, subsequently blended with different peoples and cultures. Here are the majestic pyramid of the aztecs, maya and mysterious construction of the incas. It is on this continent is far and inviting with its pristine jungles of the Amazon. Apparently, this diversity and attracts modern travelers. One wants to see shrouded by set of legends and myths, mysteries of history, the other - to test himself in the Amazon jungle, the third - feel the flavor of local traditions, to walk in the footsteps of the ancient aztecs, maya and inca, personally to see the landscapes of the books of Castaneda, listen to local music, and to take away home a new understanding of Latin America and the people living here.
In Mexico, a huge interest for lovers of impressions represent the country "of the andean group", which have common historical past, though now each of these countries is a separate country: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile. Each of them has its own peculiarities, which should always take into consideration when choosing the route to visit Latin America.
Peru is unique by its beautifully preserved monuments of architecture of the civilization of the incas, as well as a large number of unsolved mysteries and riddles. The majestic canyons here adjoin with high mountains and vast national parks, the Amazonian jungle not cease to surprise its primeval even seasoned travelers. But here it is impossible to combine excursions and recreation on the coast, because along the sea stretches of the Andes mountains, which has created a certain climatic and geographical features. But it is due to these factors Peru can be called a real paradise for the lovers of extreme and fans of surfing, windsurfing, white water rafting and mountain climbing.
Ecuador is in a unique location: this country on the whole width of the crosses the equator. Thus, one part of it is located in the northern hemisphere and the other in the south. Ecuador is famous for its volcanoes and a unique nature reserve in the Galapagos islands, where no birds, no animals are not afraid of people and look at us as a part of the surrounding landscape.
Bolivia shares with Peru glory of lake Titicaca, where according to legend, there were the founders of the inca empire. This country is also renowned for its scenery and panoramic views opening up from the high Andes to the Amazon jungle.
Chile, which is associated with a past, already for a long time develops according to a different scenario and can offer a truly unique journey: from the trip in the wilderness on horseback or сэндбординга (northern part of the country) to the ancient glaciers of Patagonia and Antarctica or mountaineering (the southern part of Chile). Chile is also known for its rivers, which provide huge opportunities for lovers of rafting. The territory of the country is long and narrow, but it and is unique. Crossing the variety of natural landscapes, Chile provides a rare opportunity to see in one country nature in all its variety. Local fjords on beauty do not concede, and in something even darken the Norwegian. It is to Chile is the famous Easter island, located in the Pacific ocean, with its mysterious stone giants, created майорийцами or representatives of other civilizations.
One more country, landscapes which are often reminiscent of the european, is Argentina (more precisely, its southern part). Not without a reason here after the second world war began to settle the germans and italians. The house and the hacienda are often reminiscent of the european estates the beginning of the last century. Argentina is known for its scenery and the famous Iguazu waterfall, which is located in the Amazon jungle not far from the border with Brazil.
Mexico has become famous not only for its beaches and modern resorts, but also the pyramids, the time of the aztecs and mayans. In its landscape has it all: from the prairie with cacti to the picturesque canyons and forests, rivers and waterfalls.
Brazil almost does not require advertising, thanks to the famous carnival in Rio-de-Janeiro. Annually in the beginning of February, the place attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, the city turns into a solid самбодром, but on the street it becomes dangerous to go in ornaments and with the values in handbags or pockets. In the rest of the year come here to visit the jungles of the Amazon and relax on one of the white brazilian beaches, take a stroll on the famous promenade Rio-de-Janeiro and climb to the top of the mountain with its huge sculpture of Christ, with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.
This country is situated in the center of South America, therefore, on its territory there are high mountains of the Andes, and subtropical valley, and the most high-mountainous lake in the world Titicaca, the glory of which Bolivia shares with neighbouring Peru. It is the close proximity of these two countries makes it possible to visit in one program a few of the most ancient monuments of the state of the incas, as well as a full introduction to the sacred lake Titicaca, on one of the islands which according to legend, there were the originators of this civilization, which are considered children of the sun. As a rule, the program starts in Puno on the territory of Peru and ends a stop in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.
La Paz is located in the andean canyon at an altitude of 3 636 m above sea level, so the capital of Bolivia is the most high-mountain in the world. The foundation of the city was dictated by the need to establish a permanent settlement on the half way between the silver mines of Potosi (Bolivia) and Cusco (Peru). In La Paz there are buildings of the colonial times, You will see the Murillo with its cathedral, government palace and the famous Lunar Valley, landscapes which fascinate every traveler.
In Bolivia, You can get a unique opportunity to see the famous Andes mountains in all their splendor. At a distance of 72 km from La Paz is a complex Tiwanaku, temples and constructions which are considered the largest in the world. Tiwanaku was the center of culture Aymara, which is one of the most ancient civilizations of America. The road to this place runs through the high mountain passes, canyons and valleys, which in itself leaves a lasting impression of the greatness of the andes mountains
This country along with Mexico is the most interesting to visit, because it was here was born the ancient civilization of the incas, it is here that she developed and it is here mysteriously ceased to exist. Something similar happened in Mexico with the aztecs and mayans. Nevertheless, that Peru is considered as one well-kept secret. It is enough to mention the famous Nazca plateau, to understand, how many secrets stored around us. And the answer to them while beyond the modern science with its latest technologies and capabilities.
Peru is divided into three climatic zones: the pacific coast, the mountains of the Andes and the Amazon jungle. This is important to know, because the country does not have clearly defined seasons. Each of climatic zones has its own weather, different from the weather in the nearby area. So, for example, in the coastal part of the country, summer lasts from December to march, while in the mountains and in the jungle of these times is the rainy season. Winter on the coast lasts from June to October (the rains are rare), this time in the mountains begins in the full sense of the word the dry season, with cool nights and sunny days.
In general the climate in the coastal part of the country (here it's called "costa") cannot be called tropical because of the cold current Humboldt, which completely changes the local weather. Even in summer the temperature varies between +21S and +27C, and in the winter because of the constant humidity becomes chilly even at the temperature of +15 C. As a result of Peru, which is located on the same latitude as the countries of South-East Asia, does not have the seaside resorts.
Moreover, the coastal areas, representing a narrow strip of land, spanning up to Chile for a few thousand kilometers, not rich vegetation. Sometimes the land here seems lifeless and looks like a desert, while mountainous areas are covered with greens. As it may seem strange, but on the shore of the largest of the oceans do not have enough water, only in the valleys of the few and short rivers, flowing down from the Andes, vegetation little richer. Therefore, this country must always be seen only as the perfect place for an interesting excursion program, and for this seasonality of great value has no. It is important to note that in the mountains (this part of the country is called the "sierra"), where there are monuments of architecture of the incas, the humidity is absent. However, the height of these mountains and the amount of oxygen may have the unexpected effect on Your body, so you should always take account of this fact when preparing the programme. As for the jungles of the Amazon, they are a special part of the country, the visit of which involves not only the desire to get acquainted with the local tribes, rich flora and fauna of the largest rivers in the world, but also the availability of vaccination against yellow fever and malaria. This must be taken into account when planning its own route acquaintance with this wonderful country.
Peru is also the home of the potato in Europe, he came to that of South America), now there are more than 2000 species. The history of a potato begins in infertile and cold areas of the Andes at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. The first farmers, вырастившими potatoes, were peruvians times of pre-columbian America, it was 7000 years ago! Europeans first learned about this vegetable only in 1570, thanks to the first mariners, descended on the earth. However, only with 1780 potatoes were grown different farms Europe, and he has taken a strong place on the tables of representatives of all layers of the society.
Peru - the homeland of famous wool "alpaca", from which are made bright and very warm sweaters, hats, scarves and other knitted things. Lam bred at the alpine meadows of the sierras, so here they are also used as pack animals, and as a source of meat and wool.
There is one more interesting fact, connected with the history of Latin-american dances. Not far from Lima grown horse paso, which are considered to be born dancers and easy to learn dressage. Famous Latin american dance doble borrowed its name from these graceful animals.
Possibly, not all know that Peru is the third after our country and Japan fishing power. Therefore, in coastal areas, and also in Lima, many fish restaurants. The most popular local dish called "себиче" and represents a kind of siberian строганины or the japanese "sashimi". Taking into account that the fish is filled with lemon juice, to which add the pepper and the chopped onion, this dish is safe for consumption in any weather. Remembering about the potato, which are prepared here in different forms and in combination with different dishes, it is possible not to be afraid of meeting with the local cuisine, adapted to our tastes.
The main objects to visit in Peru are mysterious drawings on the Nazca plateau, the city of Cusco - the archaeological capital of the country, modern houses which are built on the foundations of civilization of the incas, the ancient city of the incas of Machu Picchu, the snow-white Arequipa, next to which is the deepest in the world Colca canyon (the birthplace of famous condors, in honor of which is not less famous musical composition "El condor pasa"), the most high-mountainous lake in the world Titicaca with its symbolic holiday in honor of the founder of the inca and the Amazon jungle in the north of the country.
"The most beautiful thing that we can test, is a sense of mystery. It is the source of all true art and all science. Those who have never experienced this feeling, who can not stop and think, with timid delight, he is like a dead person, and his eyes are closed". Albert Einstein
Probably, not without reason it is on the plateau of the Pampa de Nasca can appear mysterious huge drawings, which can be seen only from the air. Feature of the local coastal strip, more reminiscent of the wilderness, than primorsky district, has remain unchanged multiple lines, as if written huge rake on a large gravel earth. Many scientists are inclined to believe that these figures have been drawn to consider them from the space or, at least, from the board of an aircraft.
2500 years ago in Peru was founded the first city - Кагуачи, which is located on the banks of the Rio Grande on the Nazca plateau. The settlement is based civilization Nasca - the most developed among the predecessors of civilization of the incas. The Nazca were excellent soldiers, merchants and fishermen, to be able to do ceramics of the highest quality and considered the best potters of pre-columbian America. They also built a huge aqueduct, to irrigate their fields. The remains of this construction preserved to our times. But the main thing, than, perhaps, were owned by the representatives of civilization Nazca, is the art of aeronautics or, at least, the ability to communicate with those who possessed the art.
Within 30-40 minutes of flight on a small sports plane You will be able to see one of the most mysterious places on the planet and, probably, will become the author of the new version of the origin of this man-made miracle. On the huge territory with an area of 500 square kilometers are various bars, clean lines, symmetrically defined geometric shapes and figures, one of which can be seen only from the side of the sea in the town of Paracas.
Multiple lines are organized in such a way that from the air they resemble modern airfield. Some of them crosses Пампу-de-Nazca from end to end of the line pass through dry riverbeds, climb hills and again go down. No natural obstacles have not rejected them from a given direction. On the plateau there are 13000 such perfectly straight lines! Geometric figures on the size of a football field, a part of them crosses each other. As for the pictures (there are 32), each of them painted one continuous line, which ends at the same point, from where it begins, which further adds mystery, given the size of the artwork. The biggest are the figures of the condor (135 meters), lizards (180 meters), pelican (135 meters) , and monkeys (90 meters). A clear preference was given to the birds, some of which have never lived on our planet. Perhaps, ancient civilizations were able to tame some of the flying lizards and use them to travel by air. Also here there are strange images of people, one of which reminds of the astronaut that inspired researchers at the thought of some alien civilization, which also state of the incas. The size of one of the depicted people has only 33 metres, although the symbolism of this number leads to other thoughts.
In the countries of Latin America is very common myth about the winged serpent, which was the subject of worship for the ancient aztecs and the maya in Mexico. In a slightly modified form image of the serpent came and in our fairy tales, and legends of the peoples of Asia. But it is in Latin America there is a legend about the mysterious bearded men, who used winged serpents for its motion through the air. In our fairy tales Gorynych the Serpent was an independent character, and the fabulous aircraft - broom used only Baba-Yaga. That fact is interesting, that in New Zealand, which is located in the Pacific ocean from the coast of Peru, ornaments chelny tribe maori very much similar to drawings of the highland Nazca, although on the territory of New Zealand was not found anything similar to what we can see in Peru.
The author of one of the versions about the origin of the mysterious lines and drawings is a German mathematician Maria Reiche. In the beginning of the last century she was engaged in studying of Mesopotamia and the role played by irrigation in the life of ancient people. They are interested in places, "where are the sun". Therefore, it was of interest to the systems of irrigation in the arid regions of South America and, in particular, in Peru. She became the assistant of the american historian Paul Косока, who was the originator of drawings on the Nazca plateau. That fact is interesting, that, when the Support made its opening, this plateau is crossed Панамериканское highway, the house was visited by hundreds of people. But none of them noticed no lines, no figures, no pictures!
Maria Reiche settled in Peru, not far from the findings and every morning with the sun and in the evening before sunset was on the plateau make their astronomical observations and mathematical measurement. As a result, she came to the conclusion that the figures and drawings were used for the civilization of the incas large astronomical calendar, or agricultural Zodiac. Something similar, however, in stone, preserved in the Uk. This is the famous Стонхедж. Only there are not figures, and the stone blocks are oriented to the rising and setting of the sun and other celestial bodies. However, the precise purpose of Nazca drawings still remains a mystery. Perhaps, all these figures are elements not yet solved writing.
Scientists have established, that all these lines, figures and drawings were made relatively recently: in VI-X centuries of our era, when for a long time fell the ancient Greek and roman civilizations, been replaced by the Byzantine empire, and in the Arabian peninsula began a new religion. Perhaps, at the same time on the american continent contacts continued, the beginning of which have mystical Atlantis, the ancient minoan civilization and the egyptian priests.
Perhaps few people know that in 1709, on admittance to the king of Portugal was his subject Bartolomeu de Gusmao, a native of Brazil and the jesuit. He smote the king, and all the royal court order that has committed over Lisbon flight on a balloon filled with hot air. He was an inverted funnel which grew from the bottom. It was, in fact, the first in the history of hot air balloon, although the first aeronauts went to the French - brothers Монгольфе, carried out the flight much later, in 1783. Bartolomeu was born in a small brazilian town of Santos and studied in a catholic school. His teachers were missionaries who worked in the most remote corners of South America, including Peru. Perhaps, it is from them that the young jesuit received the first information about the ancient aircraft. However, the flight of a man above the earth was in the middle ages budget connection with the evil force, so Guzmбn had to flee to Spain, where he died in poverty and obscurity. Only in the XX-th century compatriots put a monument to him in his native city and released a postage stamp, which shows the first balloon. This flight was repeated by the british Jim Вудмэном and Julian Ноттом - champions of the world in flights on the balloons. They built the same balloon, on which flew Bartolomeu. The ball was made of dense peruvian tissue, and gondola served cane boat on lake Titicaca. Both the balloonist landed at the time, because they created a balloon immediately went up and flew over the plateau. As it turned out, the ancients knew a secret. At a height of one and a half thousand meters the rays of the tropical sun balance cooling the air in the container in such a way that the ball does not go up until the going down of the sun, and then, as if to follow him, gradually falls into the ocean.
Returning from the Nazca back to Lima, you can make a stop near a steel tower, erected not far from the pan American highway. Here you can walk near the drawings and touch it as if caked crushed stones, the smooth lines, visible from the air.
Distance from Lima to Nazca plateau is about 450 km. Here you can only get to by car, so we recommend on the way back to make a stop in Паракасе (250 km from the capital Lima) and go back in the capital on the next day. The climate in this part of Peru all year round favors travel. Here, as a rule, sunny and there is no rain. So you can make an excursion in the National park Паракаса on the islands Баллестас, where there are thousands of sea lions, seals and various species of birds, unique to the peruvian coast. There is also a lovely penguins (thanks to Humboldt current) and the school of dolphins.
In addition, going to the islands Баллестас, You will be able to see from the sea a huge figure, reminiscent in form whether the trident, whether chandelier, the amount of which reaches 200 meters. It is drawn directly on a coastal rock in times of existence of a civilization Nazca. On one of versions, the figure pointed out the direction of the interplanetary space ships.
In the area of Паракаса was found underground cemetery with its famous mummies, which were забальзамированы similar to the egyptian ritual, but above were covered with different symbols, connected with the life and the life of those distant times. It is believed that civilization Паракаса had serious medical knowledge, even in those ancient times local doctors were able to do trepanation of the skull and treating complex diseases. All the findings can now be seen in the museums of Lima and partially in the museum at the site of the excavation in Паракасе.
This country still remains unknown our travelers, although its natural wealth and unique geographical location are the real find for those tourists who want to see the pristine nature in all its splendor and diversity. A unique ecosystem that has developed in Ecuador, is dictated by the location of the country, the height of the andes mountains, the climate and geological structure of the soil.
If you look at Ecuador on the map, it is impossible not to notice interesting fact: the entire length of the equator passes, cut the country in two parts, each of which is in a different hemisphere. Not without reason speak, that the beauty of Ecuador is explained by the proximity to the ancient forefather - the sun illuminating its rays the middle of the world. Only here at the territory of the 256 370 sq. km You can see and jungles of the Amazon, and 35 volcanoes stretching the entire length of the country, and picturesque valleys, and unapproachable snow-white peaks of the Andean group of the mountains, and the unique Galapagos islands, which are the main targets of any traveler visiting this beautiful country. Therefore Ecuador is of special interest and for lovers of active leisure activities including rafting, rafting or canoeing, scuba diving, trekking, hiking and much more.
Another feature of Ecuador are хасьенды or former colonial house in which now there are modern hotels, preserving the traditional character and atmosphere. As a rule, the interior decoration of the room assumes the presence of antique furniture and various antique objects, which gives Your stay in this place a special charm and colour. Local cuisine also can't leave anyone indifferent, there are many dishes from a potato varieties, which can not but be struck by its variety.
Music in Ecuador reflects the unity of all peoples living in the region of the Andes mountains. Her motives You will hear and in Peru, and Chile, and Bolivia. There is in this music something special, which will enchant and configure the dreamy mood. No wonder musicians from these countries can be found at the boulevard and the pedestrian streets of not only european cities, but also in our own Arbat.
With a visit to Ecuador we offer to start a trip to Latin America. From Here You conveniently to go to Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and thereby You will be able to see the entire continent from north to south in all its diversity. First, You will see the capital of Quito (protected by UNESCO since 1978), where You will get acquainted with the colonial monuments, old mansions and churches with their stone facades and gilded altars, visit the middle of the world "La Mitad del Mundo", and then you can go in the Andes or the Galapagos islands. The Northern Andes (above the equator) with their lakes, сьеррами, national indian villages and traditional cuisine can be seen in one day. You can also visit a typical indian market Отавало, the history of which is lost in antiquity until the civilization of the incas. This market became famous for its textile goods, especially famous warm poncho, sweaters and hats made of wool lamas and alpaca. For the Southern Andes and the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca (also is under the protection of UNESCO) it is desirable to leave at least 2 or even 3 days, to have time to get acquainted with the city and the Cotopaxi National park, the territory of which is located around the world's highest active volcano and takes 36 000 hectares of land. Here You can see a variety of unusual and rare species of birds, and also, if you're lucky, the andean condor, and wild horses grazing on the territory of the park. For fans of more detailed acquaintance with the land of volcanoes can be organized excursion in ba?os to the gate of the Amazon through the valley, which the famous scientist of the XIX century. Alexander von Humboldt named "Avenue of the volcanoes".
Cuenca was built on the site of процветавшего once the city of the incas Тумибамба on the plain which cross four rivers. It is believed that this place was the birth place of one of the founders of the inca state. Due to the fact that the Service by a lucky chance there were earthquakes, characteristic for cities of the Andes, the city remained unchanged from the time of the Spanish colonizers. The cobbled stone streets, beautiful old colonial house with their ornate balconies, absence of high buildings, catholic monasteries and churches to give the city a special charm and unique atmosphere. Cuenca is also famous for its ceramic, cotton and woolen goods, jewelers and craftsmen to construct the famous straw panama. In the local museums You can see the finds from the settlements of the pre-columbian America. Not far from Куэнки is located the ancient city of the incas Ингапирка, which is the main archaeological sites of Ecuador. The galapagos islands can be visited only on board the cruise ship, on a yacht or a sailing vessel, since spending the night on the beach is prohibited. The number of days varies from 4-to 8-mi. Galapagos are truly unique ecosystem to the world, the emergence of which is connected with the raising to the surface from the seabed several volcanoes that formed 13 large and six small islands, as well as about 42 quite small islets. This happened more than 3 million years ago. The wind and the underwater currents brought here from the northern and southern hemisphere various representatives of fauna, and the absence of human intervention for many centuries, led to the development of a unique ecosystem, which is unique in the world. Only here, on these islands, You can safely observe the life of their inhabitants, not afraid to startle them or disturb. A person is considered here as a part of the surrounding landscape. Only on Galapagosah You can swim, to dive with an aqualung surrounded by strange colorful fish and play with the young sea lions, go to the giant turtles or to listen to the singing of exotic birds.
We hope that our brief story about Ecuador interested You and serve as the guiding thread in the preparation of a visit to this unique country, worthy for what to get acquainted with it not only a few days, but a journey.
This narrow stretched from the north to the south of the country is truly a unique because of its natural landscape provides a rare opportunity to get acquainted with all kinds of landscapes, available on the territory of the planet. Arriving here, You will not have to make the journey in the Sahara desert or on the glaciers of Antarctica. Here there is everything, and in a convenient for the traveler form for the acquaintance and visiting. The only thing that you should always bear in mind: we recommend to visit the northern part of the country all the year round, while the south, including Patagonia, - only in the period from October to April.
The northern part of Chile is the Atacama desert, where we found the various archaeological monuments of pre-columbian America. You can make a trip on horseback or on a motorcycle, and then spend a couple of days, enjoying the thermal springs Пуритама.
The state capital, Santiago, is located in the central part of the country, the local natural landscape is already different from the north. The fertile valleys are home to the famous chilean wines, and turbulent rivers provide a great opportunity for serious fans of white water rafting. In Santiago you can go on Easter island, which is located in the Pacific ocean. This place is the museum under the open sky, those who keep the secrets of the past civilizations. The famous stone idols of the islands have plenty of legends and myths, which are present "stumbling block" for science. The height of these giants in several times higher than the growth of the person. And, even if to assume, that idols are man-made masterpieces of the ancient person, then it is difficult to imagine how, and by whom they were placed in a row on absolutely bare ground, where there are no plants, no mountains or forests. The famous traveler thor Heyerdahl conducted an experiment whose purpose was to attempt to prove that the idols could move from the place, where the sculpture was created, with the help of numerous ropes, lifting one of its territory, then the other, thus the sculpture as a step on the earth. This experiment has confirmed such an opportunity only partially, it was a lot of problems and surprises. In addition, even proving the possibility of such a move huge sculptures, so far it is unclear where майорийцы took such great pieces of granite, to make idols. This breed is present in mainland Chile, but then how huge and heavy idols were delivered to the island? Apparently, the answer to this mystery is still ahead.
The southern part of Chile is rich in lakes, volcanoes and the green forests. Local fjords not inferior in the beauty of the Norwegian. To make even a small cruise on a catamaran, it will take not less than 12 hours. But it is worth it to spend so much time. You will be able to see not only the small and large lakes, but and pulled on an inflatable boat to the famous glacier San Rafael, which constitutes a high wall of ice, next to which swim small icebergs. Here You can drink a glass of whiskey on the rocks, the age of which consists of 30 000 years.
Complete all this natural cocktail Patagonia, praised many travelers, including thor Heyerdahl. It is absolutely unspoiled part of the civilization of the planet. Here are virgin forests, flora and fauna of which have not yet undergone any changes due to human intervention.
In order to get acquainted with this wonderful country, it will take not less than 10 days. Visit to Chile can be combined into one program with a trip to Peru. In this case, You will be able to see Latin America in all its diversity - as an architectural and natural. This will allow You to take home such memories, which again will lead You to the continent, to continue the acquaintance with the people, whose traditions, though, and have undergone some changes, still preserved heritage of the bygone civilizations, full of secrets and waiting for their researchers.
Until 1966, Barbados was a jewel in the crown of the British empire. Now it is an independent state that maintains very close ties with his former mother country and a member of the British Commonwealth. And still it is a pearl of the Caribbean islands: white coral beaches, turquoise sea, the rich underwater world. And of course the opportunity to relax all year round thanks to the smooth climate, permanent sun and a refreshing to trade winds. We offer the best tours to Barbados: a great choice of hotels, from luxury and respectable to the democratic, favored by the fans of windsurfing and kite-surfing.
Safari around the island.
This is for those, who like active rest!!! During the whole tour clients will have a meeting with a variety of corners on the island, which it is impossible to see during the usual excursions. Here and visit the highest point of the island, and visit the unspoiled beauty of a tropical forest.
Harrison's Cave and the colors.
Harrison's Cave is one of the most visited places on the island and is a chain of karst caves with very beautifully illuminated stalactites and stalagmites. Descent into the cave are shown on a small train with observance of all necessary security measures. Also clients will visit magnificently blooming gardens Flower Forest with their amazing flora and fauna.
Atlantis Submarine.
Excursion to this underwater boat on coral reefs. A rare opportunity to see all the beauty of the underwater world of Barbados.
The Cube.
Cuba for many leaves an impression of an earthly paradise with white beaches, turquoise sea and the lush greenery of palm trees. Still not исхоженная numerous tourists Cuba retains its unusual exotic atmosphere, one of the main components of the local area. Trips to Cuba every year is becoming more expensive, because of the growing popularity of the resort.
Cuba is one of the last communist countries in the world. In the resorts of Cuba prices for the services offered will pleasantly surprise any tourist. The cuban population is the low level of life. Poverty inhabitants of Cuba wonderfully combines with the goodwill and responsiveness of the population, ready to help you at any minute. The splendid nature gives Cuba amazing coloring who inspired many writers and artists.
Tours to Cuba will acquaint You with the beaches of Varadero, Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, and many others. You will be able to spend time perfectly, being engaged in diving, windsurfing, рыбача in the open sea or tanning on the soft sand. Numerous excursions will make your holiday a diverse and fascinating.
Magnificent tropical nature, the snow-white beaches and snow-capped volcanoes, many paradises lost mountain lakes and waterfalls, rich history of the archaeological monuments of ancient civilizations, the colonial palaces and catholic churches of incredible beauty, modern city, built on the ruins of the indian pyramids, excellent cuisine and hospitable, welcoming smiles of local people - all this colorful, mysterious, unpredictable and unique MEXICO!
Ecuador is шеститысячные the top of the Andes
this is the amazonian jungle Oriente
this is the Pacific coast
it is a unique ecosystem of the Galapagos islands
Ecuador is a fresh juice, just torn lemons, flavored with sugar and refrigerated ice.
Take curative bath, heated active volcano, taste the delicious dish, which appeared even before the inca empire, to spend your vacation in the company's flamingos, penguins, sea lions and huge turtles. All it can to remain just words for those who were not there...
The smallest country of Latin America is able to please, is able to surprise.
The Island of Antigua opened by Columbus in 1493, during the second visit of the New World. The whole team was impressed by the extraordinary beauty of the coast, surrounded by coral reefs. Indelible impression made by the top of the mountains, which make their way through the emerald green of the tropical, white and golden sand beaches, framing a lot of quiet bays and lagoons, which for more than three centuries hiding from the weather british ships.
For tourists in Antigua built comfortable modern hotels, night clubs, casinos, entertainment complexes. The island has everything for an unforgettable holiday, because in the sphere of tourist business employs about 70% of the population of the island.
Main attractions:
Of particular interest to tourists are the cathedral of Saint Johns in the capital, the museum of Antigua and Barbuda, fort Berkeley, Карибана - folk festival on about. Barbuda, picturesque Манкс Hill, the Devil's Bridge, English Harbour with a yacht-club and diving-center and, of course, 365 first-class beaches.
Here is what to do apart from sunbathing, swimming and diving with a tube and mask. You will find golf, tennis, dancing, -exempt purchases in local stores, tours in the surroundings and the wonderful party in numerous clubs and restaurants. Currently about. Redonda entirely given over to the natural park.
located on the eponymous island in the Caribbean sea, within an archipelago of Small Antilles, between the islands of Martinique and St. Vincent. The island has the shape of a teardrop, about 44 km long and 23 km wide. The landscape is largely mountainous, reaches the highest point on the mountain is Mount Tries (950 m) in the south-west. Deep valleys, many of which are covered with dense thickets of bananas and coconuts, cut through the mountain ranges. The Soufriere hills is known for its geological features - volcanic cones-twins Python, which rise to 760 m. above the coastline, the hot bubbling sulphur springs Sulfur Springs and other traces of ancient volcanic activity. The total area of 616 sq. km.
Attractions - the church of Sv. The trinity cathedral of the XIX century, the wooden city buildings. Not far from the island of St. Lucia is an island Dude, remarkable old british fort.
Most of the hotels are located in the north-west and west coasts.
Dominican Republic.
The dominican republic is an exotic region with magnificent nature. Vacation in the Dominican republic - it is hundreds of kilometers of white sand beaches, rich coral reefs, picturesque landscapes, clean rivers, unique culture and friendly people. Christopher Columbus, the discoverer Эспаньолу (so he called the island in 1492, considered the land of the most beautiful of all, on which set foot man. And in our days it is one of the most rapidly developing resort areas in the basin of the Caribbean sea, annually receiving hundreds of thousands of tourists.
Tours in the Dominican republic will be remembered the famous beaches of Bavaro, Macao, Arena, Кортесито, Cabeza de toro r and Punta Cana is 32 kilometers of pearl-white sand, and a whole series of comfortable hotels. Hotels of Dominican republic are on the coast, but not less than 60 metres from the beach (according to local laws are prohibited from violating natural landscape). Many public beaches on weekends turn into lively sports grounds and places for picnics.
Stretching along the coast resort town of Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, San Pedro de macoris, San Cristobal, La Romana, Punta Palenque, the famous Casa-de-Campo and others, are the most modern recreational areas of the country. To the east of the capital lie the islands of Saona and Catalina, famous for rich marine fauna, as well as the grottoes of the Чавон at the mouth of the river of the same name and the national park del Este. SAINT VINCENT AND the GRENADINES, an island nation in the West indies, Is located in the southern part of the Windward islands of the lesser Antilles islands to the south Of Saint Lucia and to the north of Grenada. Is about. Saint Vincent and the northern part of the archipelago of the Grenadines. Area - 389 km2.
Saint-Vincent - an island of volcanic origin. The area of 344 km2. The islands in the archipelago Grenadines feature small size, the large - Bequia, Mustique, Кануан, Activities and Union. Many Grenadine islands surrounded by coral reefs. The main part of. Saint Vincent is occupied by mountains, covered with forests. The highest point is an active volcano Soufriere (1234 m). In its crater lake is located. To the south of it is a chain of gradually diminishing cones of extinct volcanoes. On the steep western slopes of the mountains to the sea escape streams, forming picturesque waterfalls and turning after tropical storms in the turbulent flow. The eastern slopes more gently sloping, as it flow down the long, wide and high-water rivers.
The beaches of the island are covered with black volcanic sand, with the exception of white sandy beaches on the southern tip of the island. The climate is tropical, the trade wind, wet. The average monthly temperatures range from 24 to 28° C. Coastal waters abound with fish, crustaceans and molluscs. On the islands for the purpose of nature protection there are several forest and bird sanctuaries.
II Part:
The Region of Central and South America area of 19,14 million km2 is located to the south from the border of Mexico to the extreme point of the continent - cape Horn. In the east the region is washed by the waters of the Atlantic ocean, on the west by the waters of the Pacific ocean. On the territory of the region there are 48 states of different political systems and different levels of socio-economic development. 

In the meridional direction through all of South America is one of the longest mountain belts in the world - the Cordilleras (the highest point). Aconcagua - 6960 m above sea level.). The remaining area is plateaus and plains, among which is the biggest on the Earth Amazonian lowland. 

The climate on the continent from the tropical to the harsh subarctic (southern islands Antarctica). South America is the most humid continent on Earth. That is why here there is the biggest river basin the Amazon (the area of the basin 7 million 180 thousand km2, the average water consumption 22 000 l/ sec.that in 6 times more occupying the 2nd place in the world on this indicator r. Yangtze River). If in the middle reaches of the Amazon is 5 km width, near the mouth - 320 km. Waters of the Amazon are rich life. In such creeks and streams growing water lily Victoria-regia with floating leaves with a diameter up to 2 m. Of the many fish are most known carnivorous piranhas, electric eels, sharks. In the river is freshwater dolphins, crocodiles caimans. On the rivers, flowing down from the Andes, Guayana and the Brazilian plateau, many waterfalls. But because of its better accessibility is more known for travelers waterfall Iguaзu (height 722 m), situated on one of the tributaries of r. Пораны. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Earth. Its noise is heard for several tens of kilometers.  

The population of the region is 420 million people (2002). The indians, the original inhabitants, is 10 %, white 10 %, mestizo (of mixed marriages white and indians) and mulattoes up to 80 %.
For understandable reasons, the american macroregion in 2002. (120,2 million people) not reached the level of 1997. Among the ten countries that are most attractive for tourists in table 3 we see the united STATES (45.5 million people.), Mexico (19.8 million people.) and Canada (19.7 million people.). 

Among the countries of Latin America, the second place occupied Brazil - more than 5 million tourists. On the third place - the neighbouring Argentina - about 3 million tourists. The five of leaders closed the Dominican Republic and Uruguay. Rapidly developing tourist sector in Cuba - since 1995, the volume of tourist arrivals to the island of Freedom increased by 126 %, and reached the level of 1.7 million people. 

The tragic events in the USA in the autumn of 2001, have fundamentally changed this rosy picture. By the end of the year almost all countries of the world, except for that of Columbia and Puerto Rico, recorded a significant decrease in the tourist flow. So, for example, the volume of tourist arrivals in Brazil has decreased on 10 %, the income in the industry fell from $4.2 billion in 2000 to $3.7 billion in 2001. Close to 4 % has decreased the number of Russian tourists in Uruguay and Mexico, by 6.6 % - to the Dominican Republic, by 9.6 % in Argentina. The greatest loss suffered the tourism industry of Cuba. 

However, now experts of the WTO believe that Latin America and the Caribbean partially restore its positions on the international tourist market. By the results of 2003 the countries of the Caribbean region have adopted 16.4 million tourists (-3%), South America(13.6 mln Some countries demonstrate an impressive positive dynamics of growth turpotoka. So, in the winter season of 2003 in Argentina recorded a growth of tourist flow at the level of 15 % (7,35 million tourists). For the first 4 months of 2003. Cuba took 770 thousand tourists, that on 19 % exceeds a parameter for the similar period of 2002. 

As a whole on the region of Latin America accounts for about 5 % of the world market of international tourist arrivals. It is expected that the average annual rates of growth turpotoka to 2004 will be here 3,9 %.
I часть:
В рамках борьбы с глобальным экономическим спадом туристическая индустрия Латинской  Америки делает ставку на развитие туризма класса люкс. Регион инвестирует  значительные средства в это направление, рассчитывая привлечь состоятельных  путешественников как из самой Латинской Америки, так и с других континентов.  

Маркетинговые исследования, проведенные в Бразилии, показывают, что богатые путешественники  тратят в среднем в восемь раз  больше, чем все прочие туристы. И  это при том, что их число в настоящее время составляет лишь 3% от общего количества туристов, сообщает WTM London. 

Мексиканское  правительство также немало инвестирует  в туризм класса люкс, а компания Visit Peru позиционирует страну исключительно как роскошное направление для состоятельных людей, интересующихся экзотикой. 

Крупные гостиничные  сети, рассчитанные на состоятельных  гостей, также активно строят новые  отели в Латинской Америке. Например, Four Seasons планирует вложить $450 миллионов в строительство трех гостиниц в Бразилии. 

В Аргентине  в ближайшие два года должны появиться 5 новых роскошных пятизвездочных отелей. В Латинской Америке у  крупных гостиничных сетей в  принципе большое будущее, поскольку  стоимость земли, самого строительства  и рабочей силы здесь значительно  ниже, чем в Северной Америке и  Европе. 

Спрос на элитарный  туризм в регионе должен спровоцировать поставщиков услуг на развитие пока довольно слабой инфраструктуры отдыха Латинской Америки. Эксперты полагают, что затраты на это окупятся в  обозримом будущем, когда всемирная  индустрия элитарного туризма придет в себя после экономического спада.
1. Теоретическое  задание: Общая характеристика  туризма в странах Латинской  Америки
На территории Латинской Америки расположены 32 государства: Антигуа и Барбуда, Аргентина и Багамские острова, Барбадос, Белиз, Боливия, Бразилия, Венесуэла, Гаити, Гайана, Гватемала, Гондурас, Гренада, Доминика, Доминиканская республика, Колумбия, Коста-Рика, Куба, Мексика, Никарагуа, Панама, Парагвай, Перу, Сальвадор, Сент-Винссент и Гренадины, Сент-Люсия, Суринам, Тринидад и Тобаго, Уругвай, Чили, Эквадор, Ямайка, а также колониальные владения Великобритании, Франции, Нидерландов и США
Как много загадочного, колоритного, манящего своей первозданностью  заключено в этих двух словах. Интерес  к странам Латинской Америки  существовал всегда, но раньше российские путешественники ограничивались, как  правило, пляжами Акапулько или  Канкуном, или отправлялись на бразильский карнавал в Рио де Жанейро и на аргентинский водопад Игуасу. Отдельные любители экзотики не боялись совершить путешествие в леса Амазонки.
Но, если взглянуть  на Латинскую Америку поближе, то можно открыть столько интересных географических, исторических и этнических пластов, что может привлечь внимание даже бывалого путешественника со стажем. Достаточно упомянуть, что именно в  этой части Америки сохранились  традиции индейцев, смешавшихся впоследствии с различными народами и культурами. Именно здесь находятся величественные пирамиды ацтеков, майя и загадочные постройки инков. Именно по этому  континенту протекает далёкая и  манящая своими первозданными джунглями  Амазонка. Видимо, это многообразие и привлекает современных путешественников. Одним хочется воочию увидеть окутанные множеством легенд и мифов загадки истории, другим - испытать себя в джунглях Амазонки, третьим - прочувствовать колорит местных традиций, пройтись по следам древних ацтеков, майя и инков, воочию увидеть пейзажи из книг Кастанеды, послушать местную музыку и увезти отсюда домой новое понимание Латинской Америки и живущих здесь людей.
Кроме Мексики, огромный интерес для любителей  впечатлений представляют страны "андской  группы", которые имеют общее  историческое прошлое, хотя теперь каждая из этих стран является отдельным  государством: Эквадор, Перу, Боливия, Чили. У каждой из них есть свои особенности, которые нужно всегда принимать  во внимание при выборе маршрута для  посещения Латинской Америки.
Перу уникальна  своими прекрасно сохранившимися памятниками  архитектуры цивилизации инков, а также большим количеством  неразгаданных тайн и загадок. Величественные каньоны здесь соседствуют с  высокими горами и огромными национальными  парками, джунгли Амазонки не перестают  удивлять своей первозданностью  даже бывалых путешественников. Но здесь невозможно совместить экскурсии  и отдых на побережье, т.к. вдоль  моря протянулись горы Анды, что  создало определённые климатические и географические особенности. Зато именно благодаря этим факторам Перу можно назвать настоящим раем для любителей экстрима и поклонников серфинга, виндсерфинга, рафтинга и альпинизма.
Эквадор занимает уникальное расположение: эту страну по всей ширине пересекает экватор. Таким  образом, одна её часть находится  в северном полушарии, а другая - в южном. Эквадор знаменит своими вулканами и уникальным заповедником на Галапагосских островах, где ни птицы, ни животные не боятся людей и смотрят на нас как на часть окружающего их ландшафта.
Боливия делит  с Перу славу озера Титикака, откуда по легенде появились основатели империи инков. Эта страна также  прославилась своими пейзажами и  панорамными видами, открывающимися со стороны высоких Анд на джунгли  Амазонки.
Чили, которая  ассоциируется у нас с определённым прошлым, уже давно развивается  по другому сценарию и может предложить по-настоящему уникальное путешествие: от поездки по пустыне верхом на лошади или сэндбординга (северная часть страны) до древних ледников Патагонии и Антарктики или альпинизма (южная часть Чили). Чили также известна своими реками, которые предоставляют огромные возможности любителям рафтинга. Территория страны длинная и узкая, но тем она и уникальна. Пересекая различные природные ландшафты, Чили предоставляет редкую возможность увидеть в одной стране природу во всём её разнообразии. Местные фьорды по красоте не уступают, а в чём-то даже затмевают норвежские. Именно к Чили относится знаменитый остров Пасхи, расположенный в Тихом океане, с его загадочными каменными исполинами, созданными майорийцами или представителями других цивилизаций.
Ещё одной страной, пейзажи которой часто напоминают европейские, является Аргентина (точнее, её южная часть). Недаром именно здесь  после второй мировой войны стали  селиться немцы и итальянцы. Здешние  дома и фазенды часто напоминают европейские поместья начала прошлого века. Аргентина известна своими пейзажами  и знаменитым водопадом Игуасу, который находится в джунглях Амазонки недалеко от границы с Бразилией.
Мексика прославилась не только своими пляжами и современными курортами, но и пирамидами времён ацтеков  и майя. В её пейзаже есть всё: от прерии с кактусами до живописных каньонов и лесов с речками  и водопадами.
Бразилия почти  не нуждается в рекламе благодаря  знаменитому карнавалу в Рио-де-Жанейро. Ежегодно в начале февраля сюда приезжают миллионы туристов со всего мира, город превращается в сплошной самбодром, а на улицы становится опасно выходить в украшениях и с ценностями в сумках или в карманах. В остальное время года сюда приезжают для того, чтобы посетить джунгли Амазонки и отдохнуть на одном из белоснежных бразильских пляжей, прогуляться по знаменитой набережной Рио-де-Жанейро и подняться на вершину горы с её огромной скульптурой Христа, откуда открывается захватывающий дух вид на город и окрестности.
Эта страна расположена  в центре Южной Америки, поэтому  на её территории есть и высокие  горы Анды, и субтропические долины, и самое высокогорное в мире озеро  Титикака, славу которого Боливия  делит с соседним Перу. Именно близость этих двух стран делает возможным  посещение в одной программе  нескольких древнейших памятников государства  инков, а также полное знакомство со священным озером Титикака, на одном  из островов которого по легенде появились  родоначальники этой цивилизации, считающиеся  детьми солнца. Как правило, программа  начинается в Пуно на территории Перу и заканчивается остановкой в Ла Пасе - столице Боливии.
Ла Пас расположен в андском каньоне на высоте 3 636 м над уровнем моря, поэтому столица Боливии является самой высокогорной в мире. Основание города было продиктовано необходимостью организации постоянного поселения на полпути между серебряными рудниками Потоси (Боливия) и Куско (Перу). В Ла Пасе сохранились постройки колониальных времён, Вы сможете увидеть площадь Мурильо с её Кафедральным собором, дворец правительства и знаменитую Лунную Долину, пейзажи которой завораживают каждого путешественника.
В Боливии Вы можете получить уникальную возможность  увидеть знаменитые Анды во всём их великолепии. На расстоянии 72 км от Ла Паса находится комплекс Тиванаку, храмы и конструкции которого считаются самыми большими в мире. Тиванаку был центром культуры Аймара, являющейся одной из самых древних цивилизаций Америки. Дорога в это место пролегает через высокогорные перевалы, по каньонам и долинам, что само по себе оставляет неизгладимое впечатление о величии андских гор
Эта страна наряду с Мексикой является самой интересной для посещения, т.к. именно здесь  зародилась древняя цивилизация  инков, именно здесь она развивалась  и именно здесь таинственным образом  прекратила своё существование. Нечто  похожее произошло в Мексике  с ацтеками и майя. Тем не менее, именно Перу считается одним хорошо сохранившимся секретом. Достаточно упомянуть знаменитое плоскогорье  Наска, чтобы понять, насколько много тайн хранится вокруг нас. И разгадка их пока неподвластна современной науке с её новейшими технологиями и возможностями.
Перу делится  на 3 климатические зоны: тихоокеанское  побережье, горы Анды и джунгли Амазонки. Это важно знать, т.к страна фактически не имеет чётко определённых сезонов. Каждая из климатических зон имеет собственную погоду, отличную от погоды в соседней области. Так, например, в прибрежной части страны лето продолжается с декабря по март, в то время как в горах и в джунглях в это время - сезон дождей. Зима на побережье длится с июня по октябрь (дожди бывают редко), в это время в горах начинается в полном смысле cлова сухой сезон с холодными ночами и солнечными днями.
В целом здешний  климат в прибрежной части страны (здесь её называют "коста") нельзя назвать тропическим из-за холодного течения Гумбольдта, которое полностью меняет здешнюю погоду. Даже летом температура колеблется между +21С и +27С, а зимой из-за постоянной влажности становится зябко даже при температуре +15С. В результате Перу, которое находится на той же широте, что и страны Юго-Восточной Азии, не имеет приморских курортов.
Более того, прибрежные районы, представляющие собой узкую  полосу земли, растянувшуюся вплоть до Чили на несколько тысяч километров, небогаты растительностью. Иногда земля  здесь кажется безжизненной и  похожа на пустыню, в то время как  горные районы покрыты зеленью. Как  это ни кажется странным, но на берегу крупнейшего из океанов не хватает  воды, только в долинах немногочисленных и коротких рек, стекающих с Анд, растительность немного богаче. Поэтому  эту страну всегда нужно рассматривать  только как прекрасное место для  интересной экскурсионной программы, а для этого сезонность большого значения не имеет. Важно отметить, что в горах (эту часть страны называют "сьерра"), где находятся  памятники архитектуры инков, влажность  отсутствует. Правда, высота этих гор  и количество кислорода могут  оказать самое неожиданное влияние  на Ваш организм, поэтому нужно  всегда учитывать этот факт при составлении  программы. Что же касается джунглей Амазонки, то они являются особой частью страны, посещение которой предполагает не только желание познакомиться  с местными племенами, богатой флорой и фауной самой большой реки в  мире, но и наличие прививки от жёлтой лихорадки и малярии. Это обязательно  необходимо учитывать при планировании собственного маршрута знакомства с  этой удивительной страной.
Перу также  является родиной картофеля (в Европу он пришёл именно из Южной Америки), сейчас здесь насчитывается более 2000 его видов. История картофеля  начинается в малоплодородных и  холодных районах Анд на высоте 4 500 м над уровнем моря. Первыми  земледельцами, вырастившими картофель, были перуанцы времён доколумбовой Америки, это было 7000 лет назад! Европейцы  впервые узнали об этом овоще только в 1570 г. благодаря первым мореплавателям, сошедшим на здешнюю землю. Тем не менее, только с 1780 г. картофель стали  выращивать различные фермерские хозяйства  Европы, и он занял прочное место  на столах представителей всех слоёв  общества.
Перу - родина знаменитой шерсти "альпака", из которой изготавливают  яркие и очень тёплые свитера, шапки, шарфы и другие вязаные  вещи. Лам разводят на высокогорных лугах сьерры, поэтому здесь их используют также и как вьючных  животных, и как источник мяса и  шерсти.
Есть ещё один интересный факт, связанный с историей латиноамериканских танцев. Недалеко от Лимы выращиваются лошади пасо, которые считаются прирождёнными танцорами и легко поддаются обучению выездке. Знаменитый латиноамериканский танец пасодобль заимствовал своё название у этих грациозных животных.
и т.д.................

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