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Контрольная 1. Douglas Ivester is Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola. Before you read the article about him, discuss what qualities you expect him to have. 2. Now read the article and complete the fact sheet on the opposite page.


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Описание (план):

Focus on Douglas Ivester, CEO of Coca-Cola Ivester, a factory foremans son and former accountant, stepped in easily to run Coca-Cola as CEO following the death of champion wealth creator Roberto Goizueta. Early in his job as Cokes chief, Goizueta had recognised Ivesters drive, commenting that he was the hardest-working man he had ever met. Together the two changed the company operations and capital structure to maximize shareholder value.
Both of Ivesters parents were factory workers from a small mill town in Georgia. His parents were children of the depression, he recalls, “strong savers, very strong religious values,” and had very high expectations for their only son. If he got an A, his father would say, “They give A pluses, dont they?”
Doug Ivester is the man who for nearly two years worked constantly to provide essential support to Roberto Goizueta as he not only turned Coca-Cola around but made it into a powerhouse. If you want to know just how driven Ivester is, know that more than a decade ago he set himself the goal of becoming the CEO and chairman of Coca-Cola. Then he put on paper the dates by which he intended to do that.
By comparison with Goizueta, Ivester is an accountant by training, an introvert by nature. He worked systematically to obtain the breadth needed to be a modern chief executive — getting media education and spending three years worth of Saturdays, six hours at a time, being tutored in marketing. He is a straight rocket, constantly encouraging his executives to “do the right thing”, yet he is fascinated with Las Vegas, which he visits once a year, gambling and people-watching a lot.
He is big on discipline, which to him means: be where youre supposed to be. Return phone calls punctually (employees know never to get too far away from their office voice-mail, even on weekends). Still, when directing his troops, he asks them to set “aspirations” (difficult targets).
Hierarchy is out - it slows everything down: he communicates freely with people at all levels. The “conventional” desk job is also out. Ivester prefers that employees think of themselves as knowledge workers — their office is the information they carry around with them, supported by technology that allows them to work anywhere. This really matters when your business is as large as Cokes, which gets 80% of its profit from overseas.
At Coke, business planning is no longer a yearly ceremony but a continual discussion - sometimes using voice-mail - among top executives. Technology is not just nice; its crucial. Huge volumes of information dont frighten Ivester; he insists that they are necessary for “real-time” decision-making. With pastgeneration executives, their style was more “dont bring me your problems, bring me your solutions,” says Tim Haas, Senior Vice President and Head of Latin America. “Doug thrives on finding the solutions.” “In a world this complicated and fast-moving, a CEO cant afford to sit in the executive suite and guess,” I
4. Find words and phrases in the article which mean the following:
1) Someone who has greatly increased the companys profits (paragraph
2) A time of high unemployment and poverty (paragraph 2).
3) A very successful, profitable company (paragraph 3).
4) Very determined to succeed (paragraph 3).
5) Carefully, following a fixed plan (paragraph 4).
6) Organising people into different levels of importance (paragraph 6).
7) Something that happens regularly each year (paragraph 7).
8) Gets a feeling of satisfaction from doing something (paragraph 7).
5. Discuss these questions.
1) What do you think Douglas Ivesters main objectives should be as leader of Coca-Cola?
2) What sort of problems do you think he has to deal with when running the company?
Born in Syracuse, New York on 3rd July 1962, Tom Cruise had a difficult childhood. His parents divorced when he was twelve, and in the first eleven years of his life his family moved a total of seven times. He had problems at school, partly because he never stayed in one place long enough to make friends and partly because he suffered from dyslexia and found reading very hard. As a teenager he couldn’t decide whether to become a priest or a wrestler, but at the age of eighteen he chose acting as a career.
His first film Endless love, in 1981, was followed quickly in the same year by Taps in which he had a strong supporting role as an angry young cadet. Over the next few years he made a name for himself in a series of fairy successful films often playing attractive types. His big break came in 1986 in the hit Top Gun, where he played a rebellious fighter pilot with a killer smile.
By the late 1980s magazines were calling him “easily the most powerful star of his generation” because of his more serious roles in Rain Man, in 1988, opposite Dustin Hoffman, and Born on the fourth of July, which was made in the following year. For this film he received his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his powerful performance as the anti-war hero Ron Covic. People who have worked with him say he’s a perfectionist, preparing carefully for each role, and focusing 100 per cent whilst in the studio. Success continued in the 90s with films such as Mission Impossible and Eyes Wide Shut. He is now on of the few actors who receives more than 20 million dollars a picture.
Cruise is a very private man, who rarely gives interviews. His personal life has had its ups and downs. In 1987 he married actress Mimi Rogers who was several years older than him, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1990. In the same year he married his co-star from Days of Thunder, red-headed actress Nicole Kidman.
Whatever happens in his private life, people will remember him as one of the most charismatic actors of modern cinema and many will probably agree with People magazine in 1997 when they chose him as one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world.

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