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Курсовик Saint-Petersburg like the centre of tourism. Accommodations in Saint-Petersburg: The Grand Hotel Emerald, Grand Hotel Europe, The Astoria Hotel, Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel, AngleterreHotel, Arbat-Nord Hotel, Hotel Moscow.


Тип работы: Курсовик. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 18.07.2009. Сдан: 2009. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

South Urel State University

«Accommodation in St.Petersburg»

Ivanishina. A.N

Group S-251





Ivanova R.P. Accommodations in Saint Petersburg. Chelyabinsk. -SUSU. -2007. p. -48.

The first part of my course paper is about tourism in St.Petersburg. The second part is about accommodations in St.Petersburg.
Bibl. - 6 calls.





2.1 The Grand Hotel Emerald

2.2Grand Hotel Europe?????

2.3 The Astoria Hotel

2.4 Radisson SAS Royal Hotel?????

2.5 Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel

2.6 AngleterreHotel

2.7 Arbat-Nord Hotel

2.8 The Deson-Ladoga Hotel

2.9Saint-Petersburg Hotel???

2.10 Hotel Moscow

2.11 Nautilus Inn



Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great, in 1703, but many years before the bank of the Neva River attracted the Swedes and Slaves. In 1240 , on the place which in nova days is a part of town, the Swedish crusaders were defeated by Prince Alexander Jaroslavitch . From that battle the Prince has got the title Alexander Nevskiy. Later on he was canonized by the Orthodoxy church and became a Sky patron of the town. The defeat in 1240 did not stop Swedes and close to the place where the Ohtensky bridge is located in nova days, they have built up the fortress Landscrona. At the same year the Novgorodians had occupied and destroyed this fortress. On the same place, in 1611 the Swedes have founded the fortress again which got the new name Nienschanz ( New fortress). Under protection of the fortress walls the new town Nien has grown up, where lived Swedes, Germans and Dutch craftsmen and merchants. On the other side of the river Neva was Russian village Spasskoe. Peter the First has occupied Nienschanz and founded on the Hare's island, in delta of the Neva river, the fortress and named its Sankt-Petersburch. Later this name was given to the town, and the fortress has got new name "Peter and Paul". Affirmed on those lands, Peter the First commenced to build up the town intensively and transferred his Capital to there. Under tsar Peter odder many craftsmen have been delivered to St. Peterburch from whole Russia
The new stage in St. Petersburg's history came during the ruling time of Catherine the Great. Ivan Starov, Kokorinov, Vallen de lamothe, Antonio Rinaldi, Charles Kameron, Jacomo Quarenghi, Yuri Felten and other architects worked in that time. The Russian Academy of science and Academy of art has blossomed in that time. The court of Catherine invited best musicians from Italy, Spain and Germany. The Catherine's court composer was world famous Spanish composer Martin de Solera and conductor of Court's Vocal Capella - Maksim Beresovskiy got the title of Memeber of Bologne Philharmonic's Academy. The Catherine the Great, German by origin could understand the interests of Russia. Some innovations improve the economy and broad-mind (width interest) of Catherine the Great made St. Petersburg one of the Cultural Capital of the Europe. Catherine corresponded with French encyclopedia writers and Alexander Humbold. Under her invitation St. Petersburg has visited philosopher Didro and Moris Etjen Falcone made the Bronze horseman of the Peter the First. She not only managed economy and politic but also wrote stories, memoirs and even libretto of the opera. Under her odder Jacomo Kvarengi has built a special Hermitage's theater.

The last years ruled by Nikolay I coincide with a period of changes the architectural style from classicism to eclecticism. The last accord of the classicism style in architecture was Alexander Column and St. Isaac's cathedral (architect Monpherran), cathedrals and triumph arc of architect Stasov. The reforms of Alexander II which gave the freedom to the land less peasants have been preconditions of the economical growth of Russia. The new banks and stock exchanges have been opened in that time and new railway stations, mills and factories build. But in spite of democratic reforms many people not satisfied and in that time some terrorists organizations appeared. The have began a real hunting of Alexander II. Finally after explosions in Winter Palace and on the streets of Petersburg, Emperor Alexander II being fatally wounded by Grinevitski's bomb attack on the promenade of Ekaterininsky canal. The unusual cathedral " The Savor on blood" has been built under project of archimandrite Ignaty and architect Parland on the place of bomb attack. The end of XIX and beginning of XX centuries was called as "Silver century". During that time the all kind of art as architecture, painting, poetry, music, theater had got a new powerful growth. The blocks of building in new Modern style ( in Europe called Jugend style or Ars Nuovo) appeared in the City. You can see different modern styles (Austrian, Scandinavian and etc.) One of the interesting building of this style is house of architect F. Lidval, Kamenoostrovsky avenue 1/3, the hotel "Astoria" the house of Sweden church on the Malaya Konyushennaya street. The other examples of this style are the building of Vitebsky Railway station (architect Minash and Brzhosovsky) the house of Eliseevsky shop (architect Baranovsky), The house of books (architect Syusor), Matilda Kshesinskaya Palace built by architect von Gogen, the houses built by architects Bubyr, Vasiliev and others. In the beginning of 1910 the neo classicism replaced the eclectica style but this style did not get growth. After revolution, in 1917 and the civil war the style of construction of the city has changed. Not so many masterpieces left from1917, but some interesting building like The Kirov's Cultural Palace and The Lensoveta Cultural Palace, the Ensemble of Komsomol Square can be a symbols of the Soviet time. During 1970th some interesting blocks have been built in the area of river Smolenka, in Kirovsky district of the city. In the nowadays the appearance of the city changes very quick and visitors can see that in 3-4

The aim of course paper is tо learn to work with English literature on specialty and analyze the special literature.

The object of this course paper is the tourism in St.Petersburg.

The subject of course paper is the accommodations in St.Petersburg.

The problems are:

· to describe the tourism in St.Petersburg

· tо consider the accommodations in St.Petersburg

So, in this course paper there are some informations about tourism in St.Petersburg and analyze accommodations in St.Petersburg.


Saint-Petersburg is the Northern capital of Russia, its cultural, historical and architectural center! Saint-Petersburg was named in honor of patron saint of Peter The Great, who founded the city more than 300 years ago and for more than 200 years (till 1917) it was Russian capital. Peter the Great modeled the city after European capitals and it has been referred as Russia's "Window into Europe" for a long time.

St.Petersburg is divided into numerous islands by rivers and canals and is often called as the "Northern Venice". Saint-Petersburg together with its palaces, museums, theatres, distant suburbs and their parks is renowned piece of the world's cultural heritage.

To organize your travel to Saint-Petersburg you can obtain here hotel and homestay accommodation, travel packages, guided tours and other St. Petersburg travel services.

General information:

THE CITY OVERVIEW: Saint-Petersburg (known as Petrograd in 1914-1924 and as Leningrad in 1924-1991), with 4,7 million inhabitants is the northernmost major city of the world. Here you will find information about our city: history, location, climate and main facts.

THE BEST OF SAINT-PETERSBURG: The city of St. Petersburg is known as the cultural treasure house of Russia and it is often referred to as an Open-Air Museum. There are more than 140 museums and around 100 theatres. Useful for travel information on the best sights, museums, and theatres you can find here.

USEFUL TRAVEL INFORMATION: We provide you with useful information on arrival and departure, emergencies and health, money, communication, transportation, shopping, Russian cuisine, holidays and customs. Here are some advices what to pack and a little vocabulary.

TIPS: What is the best time for visit to Saint-Petersburg? There are some practical advises and advance tourist tips about Russia's most amazing city.

St. Petersburg accommodation:

HOTELS: All hotels of St.Petersburg (on-line reservation) from the budget class hotels up to the deluxe hotels with highest standards of service, accommodation and facilities.

HOMESTAY: Save money, make new friends and learn some Russian! Accommodation with English or Russian languages speaking hosts. You can rent an entire apartment.

Tour packages:

TRAVEL PACKAGE: We offer you classical St.Petersburg tours on 4, 5 and 7 days with accommodation in a hotel at your choice, excursions in St.Petersburg and suburbs. A professional guide will accompany you during these tours and show you all beauty of St.Petersburg.

Travel services:

GUIDED TOURS: Professional guides will show you the treasures of Saint-Petersburg and its' suburbs, help you to know more about Russian life and culture.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Would you like to get a bird's-eye view of the city, taste Russian drinks, wash in Russian banya and to feel like the real Russians? Here are interesting excursions especially for you.

TRANSFER: You can order a car or minivan to meet you at the airport or railway station that bring you to your hotel or any other destination in the city.

RENT A CAR WITH A DRIVER: For the most comfortable traveling around the city, you can rent a car with an English-speaking driver from the hotel.

VISA SUPPORT: We provide extensive visa support for foreign travelers arriving to Russia.

We offer you the range of accommodation in St. Petersburg - from luxury and expansive hotels to budget cheap hotels. You can choose the hotel from our selection of hotels in Saint-Petersburg and make hotel reservation with us. Whether you travel to Russia on business or leisure, you can find and reserve the best accommodation in Saint-Petersburg with our help.


Prestigious luxury hotels with a well-known name; Highest standards of service, accommodation and facilities; Among the world's best hotels.

Exceptionally comfortable hotels; Suitable for demanding business clients; Superior standards of service, facilities, and public areas; Modern hotels, or outstandingly well-maintained older hotels
Dependable and comfortable hotels; Suitable for the average business or pleasure traveler; Well-kept functional accommodation with charming features; Limited public areas, food service, and facilities; Moderate room sizes; Breakfast in small, informal restaurant
Basic and functional accommodation; Suitable for clients or groups on a budget; Limited public areas, food service, and facilities
Mini hotels is a wonderful and economic substitute of a room in an expensive hotel! Hotels of this category represent service of high level. All hotels are small (not more than 25 rooms), so they are very quiet. Saint-Petersburg tourists and business visitors can stay in the city center and pay reasonable price for their accommodation in mini-hotels.
Accommodation with foreign languages speaking hosts; accommodation with Russian speaking hosts (ideal for those who likes to learn Russian); renting an entire apartment
We recommend you to visit area Attractions
· Alexander Nevsky Lavra, one of the four lavras in Russia; it contains cemetery monuments to famous persons from the 18th and 19th century
· Peter & Paul Fortress, former political prison; it is the burial place of Romanov dynasty and presently an exhibition of the city's history
· the St.Isaacs Cathedral, the 4th greatest cupola cathedral in the world, richly decorated with monolithic columns, paintings, mosaics, sculptures, marble and semi-precious stones
· Hermitage (Winter Palace), the largest museum in the world; former winter residence of Russian tsars
· Russian Museum, the collection of Russian art from medieval icons to realistic paintings
· Yusupov Palace, a beautiful example of St.Petersburg's early 18th century architecture; there you will have a chance to see the room where Rasputin was killed.
· Kazan Cathedral, an outstanding example of the early 19th-century Russian architecture, erected on the site of a small stone church to hold the ancient icon of Our Lady of Kazan
· Church of the Resurection (The Savior on Blood), an important landmark that was created on the exact site where the Russian Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in 1881; here you will see the fantastic art of Russian mosaics, which covers an enormous area
· Mariinsky Theatre, where act one of the best troupes in the world, classical ballets and international operas
· Suburbs (Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk), former summer residences of Russian tsars with beautiful parks

Address: 18 Suvorovsky Prospect, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2.1 The Grand Hotel Emerald

The Grand Hotel Emerald is located in the heart of picturesque St.Petersburg in Russia. This stunning city, created by Peter the Great in 1703, is full of architectural splendors and is undoubtedly a Jewel in Europe's crown. The Hotel, designed by one of the city's most famous architects, offers a wonderful combination of classic and modern decor along with the highest levels of service. A delightful setting, lovely surroundings and a warm welcome will ensure a memorable stay. Located in the centre of the city, the Grand Hotel Emerald is within walking distance of all the main attractions of St Petersburg, including the Smolny Cathedral and world-famous Hermitage Museum. The hotel is served with excellent transport links and is just a 7 minute walk from the Vosstania Metro station and the Moskovsky Railway station. St Petersburg's international airport is 30 minutes away by car.
All 92 rooms are spacious and furnished with taste, have independent heating and air-conditioning systems. Rooms on the top floors offer an enchanting view of the city. When staying in one of the 16 luxurious suites the whole range of VIP services are at your disposal. The King's and President's suites are always ready to host special guests.
FOOD AND BEVERAGES:within the premises of the hotel Emerald, there is "Emerald" restaurant, "Suvorovsky" bar in the lobby of the hotel and "Versailles" cafe in the Atrium.
Classically decorated with marble and Svarog chandeliers, Restaurant Emerald can accommodate 80 people at a time. It is open for breakfast from 7 AM to 10.30 AM, from 12 PM to 4 PM for lunch, and in the evening - from 6.30 PM to the last visitor. The best international cuisine dishes form the restaurant's menu. In the morning guests are offered buffet breakfast, and at lunch and dinner time they are served a la carte. There are concerts of live music in the restaurant in the evening; they are given on especially equipped stage, the repertoire is formed by classic music, jazz and pop.
In the hotel lobby, sumptuously decorated with crystal chandeliers and furnished with comfortable leather armchairs and sofas, there is a bar open from 8.30 AM to 2 AM. Visitors of the bar are offered a wide choice of alcoholic and soft beverages, the best sorts of tea and coffee; you may also have a continental breakfast in the morning or pastels from the hotel's confectionary; a big acting chimney especially beglamours the bar Suvorovsky.
Atrium of the hotel Emerald is an architectural masterpiece in itself a round inner yard, crowned with a glass cupola. Air conditioning system maintains here a comfortable microclimat even in winter. There is a cafe "Versailles" open in the Atrium, appointed with retro style cane furniture and imitations of St. Petersburg cast-iron 19th century lanterns. Cafe "Versailles" is open from 9 AM to the last visitor; here you may have light snacks, tea or coffee, cakes and a wide range of alcoholic beverages. From the Atrium one can get to the banquet hall Crystal, an ideal place to arrange meetings and cold tables.
· Restaurant Emerald
· Business centre
· Wellness centre Emerald
· Guests can ebjoy a traditional Russian banya, Turkish and Finnish saunas, SPA-center.
Conference halls are well organized and equipped to host all kind of meetings and conferences for up to 40 participants
2.2Grand Hotel Europe

Located in the very heart of the historic central shopping and business district of St. Petersburg, the Grand Hotel Europe combines all of the splendor of a bygone age with deluxe modern facilities and the highest international standards of service. The first five-star hotel in Russia, the Grand Hotel is far more than simply a superlative hostelry--it is, like only a few hotels around the world, an integral part of the history and the culture of its city and its nation. Its roots date back to the 1820s, and for more than 150 years the Grand Hotel Europe has stood at the very center of the city's social, cultural, and commercial life. Completely renovated between 1989 and 1991, the hotel is today more vital, more magnificent, and more enchanting than ever before
Situated at the corner of Mikhailovsky Street and Nevsky Prospekt, the Grand Hotel simply could not be better placed among St. Petersburg's cultural landmarks. Within walking distance, just up the grand boulevard of Nevsky Prospekt, are the Winter Palace and the Hermitage, as well as the imposing monuments of Winter Palace Square. Even the closer--in fact only a few steps away--is the celebrated Russian Museum (which occupies the stunning Mikhailovskaya Palace) and the soaring onion domes of the Church of the Spilt Blood: one of St. Petersburg's most stunning churches, as it occupies the very spot on which Tsar Alexander II was fatally wounded by terrorists on March 1, 1881. Also within mere footsteps are the St. Petersburg Philharmonic and the Maly Theatre, which along with the Mariinsky constitutes the foundation of St. Petersburg's famed performance arts community. Right across Nevsky Prospekt are the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and the sprawling arcades of the Gostinyy Dvor Department Store
The Grand Hotel Europe has played host throughout its lifetime to the great names of Russian history and to notable figures and leading personalities from all over the world. A favorite haunt of Tchaikovsky, Turgenev, Anna Pavlova, and Maxim Gorky, the hotel continues to this day to attract the rich, famous, and talented from around the globe. In 1996 alone, we were pleased to welcome President Bill Clinton, Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Prince Michael of Kent, the Prince of Malaysia, Sir Peter Ustinov, and Sharon Stone, as well as many other celebrities and VIPs. In a city filled with stirring monuments and historic sites, the Grand Hotel Europe is proud to be numbered among the cultural landmarks of St. Petersburg. The building itself dates from 1824, with a preserved Baroque facade designed by the Italian architect Carlo Rossi as well as original art nouveau interiors. Great care was taken in the renovation to preserve the building's distinctive nineteenth century architecture, including its elegant main staircase as well as its private function rooms, its suites and bedrooms, and its stunning, landmark restaurants and bars.
Conveniently situated in the heart of St. Petersburg, we are within walking distance of the Winter Palace Square and Hermitage Museum. The Russian Museum, the Philharmonic Society, and the Moussorsky Opera and Ballet Theatre are only moments away. Our concierge will help you explore our intriguing and beautiful city by organizing sightseeing tours, arranging transportation, obtaining ballet and opera tickets, and securing restaurant reservations. For business travelers, we provide exceptional support facilities and services, as well as offering event planning for meetings, conferences and banquets in any of our outstanding function rooms
As the city of St. Petersburg reawakens to its vibrant history and its tradition as one of the cultural centers of Europe, the Grand Hotel Europe will help you discover a unique blend of the City's newfound energy and natural warmth, while guaranteeing the very best standards of hospitality and service. From the moment you arrive, we promise to envelop you in our time-honored tradition of gracious Russian luxury. As our guest, you will experience the romance of St. Petersburg's glorious past while enjoying the deluxe modern facilities of Russia's leading Hotel.
We look forward to welcoming you to our Hotel and to our beautiful City.
The Grand Hotel Europe was accepted into "The Leading Hotels of the World" in 1994; it was the first Russian hotel to receive this prestigious award. It also received the Egon Ronay Guide Award for the best hotel in Eastern Europe.
The hotel is a member of the "Swiss International Hotels" group and has been chosen as one of "The most famous Hotels in the world", along with a special book which has been written about the legendary history of this home.
Since 1995 this pearl of a hotel is being managed by Kempinski Hotels
Restaurants & Bars
Guests of the Grand Hotel Europe may choose from no less than seven superlative bars and restaurants, ranging from the airy charm of afternoon tea in the Mezzanine Cafй to the exceptional grace and distinguished culinary artistry of the Europe Restaurant. For late night drinks, there is no more captivating and convivial surround than the Lobby Bar, while at Sadko's, the meeting spot, the energy--like the nightly live music--reaches a slightly higher pitch. Rossi's, an informal spot possessed of a superb wine list, serves delicious Italian dishes all day long, and at Chopsticks those with a longing for Chinese can enjoy authentic Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. Most recently, the hotel commemorated the grand re-opening of its historic Caviar Bar, an elegant, intimate spot in which to enjoy Russia's most renowned, exquisite fare.
Europe Restaurant
There is no rival to the Europe Restaurant for the distinction of being St. Petersburg's most elegant dining choice. Still graciously adorned by its entrancing, Art Deco stained glass ceilings and rear wall, executed by Benoit in 1905, this grand and historic restaurant genuinely evokes an earlier age of Russian magnificence. Each night, parties enjoy the hushed intimacy of its five intricately carved wooden balconies and five recessed dining alcoves, or the splendid glow of the main dining floor.
The gourmet cuisine at the Europe Restaurant is both impeccable and exciting, a leading example of the revitalization of Russia's sumptuous culinary tradition in recent years. You can experience these dramatic enhancements in quality of Russian cuisine, when you visit this gourman favorite spot in St. Petersburg. The Europe Restaurant serves buffet breakfast and, on Sundays, a delectable champagne brunch. With a seating capacity of 250, the restaurant may also be used for large functions.
Russian and Continental Fine Dining.
Dinner served from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Buffet breakfast served from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., daily. Champagne brunch served from 12 noon to 3 p.m. each Sunday.
The Caviar Bar
The recent re-opening of this turn-of-the-century institution once again allows guests the opportunity to indulge in Russia's most beautiful array of dishes--our superb selection of caviars, vodkas, champagnes, and all of the traditional accompaniments to such delicacies. A visit to the Caviar Bar, open daily from 5 p.m. until 12 p.m., is the perfect complement to a night out on the town.
Enjoy delicious Italian specialties in a relaxed but elegant atmosphere indulge in freshly prepared antipasti, home-made noodles and luscious desserts. Where better to meet for a business lunch or dinner here.
Hours: daily, 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Simply the point to meet in St. Petersburg. Offering cocktails, hot and cold beverages and a large selection of snacks, this bar and restaurant truly presents you with the best view of Nevsky prospect. Nightly live musical entertainment.
Hours: daily, 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The Mezzanine Cafй
This relaxed and utterly delightful cafй in the heart of the hotel was once an open court. Now sheltered under a soaring glass canopy, the Mezzanine Cafй offers guests an ideal spot to enjoy fresh breakfast pastries in the morning or traditional afternoon tea and light snacks all day long. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Mezzanine Cafй also serves a variety of drinks and hot beverages in addition to delicious homemade cakes.
For a spicy alternative, try this unique Chinese Restaurant. Enjoy exquisite Szechwan and Cantonese specialities in an envirnment that's both authentic and intimate. A superb selection of Sushi is also offered.
Hours: daily, 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.
The Lobby Bar
he Grand Hotel Europe's Lobby Bar offers a handsome turn-of-the-century classic, beautifully restored and exceptionally welcoming setting. Adjoining the main bar is the cosy Reading Room, a perfect meeting place for friends and colleagues, with an international selection of newspapers for guests. The Lobby Bar is open daily from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m.; it is perhaps the finest place in St. Petersburg to enjoy the evening's last drink.
Weekly/Seasonal Events
Every Sunday
Champagne Brunch at the Europe Restaurant
A large variety of mouth-watering specialties awaits you at our sumptuous Brunch-Buffet. All accompanied by that essential necessity free flowing Russian Champagne as much as you like. USD 45 per person. Reservations are recommended and can be made on Tel: 329-6000/6630 or via our Concierge.
Every Tuesday Russian Soul at the Caviar Bar Evenings Enjoy the elegant, sophisticated atmosphere of the Caviar Bar with a Russian instrumental folk trio and, of course, Champagne, Blinis, and Caviar.
Every Saturday
Dinner Dance at the Europe Restaurant
Themed Autumn Ball
The event of the year in St. Petersburg: This, which is celebrated with a different theme every year, has become an occasion that is rarely missed by those who enjoy tradition and classical festivities. Last years Tschaikovsky Ball was celebrated with an extraordinary five-course dinner and an evening filled with musical festivities including the city's most talented musicians, dancers and orchestras. This celebration of Tschaikovsky traveled from Russia to Italy, from France to Germany and featured a dinner course from each country. These unforgettable events are traditionally celebrated at the famous Europe Restaurant. Enjoy an evening of elegance surrounded by beautiful turn-of the-century decor and make yourself feel like a Tsar.
Rooms & Amenities
The complete renovation of the Grand Hotel Europe between 1989 and 1991 returned the hotel's rooms and suites to a level of gracious elegance and luxurious comfort that St. Petersburg had not seen since the era of the Tsars. At that time the Grand Hotel, then known as the Hotel de l'Europe, was one of the premier hotels in the world, and it was with that proud heritage in mind that the renovation was so carefully administered. The result is 301 accommodations of truly exceptional quality, replete with handsome period furnishings, tasteful decor, and a generous sense of space and ease. Guests may choose from among several different classes of rooms and suites. Our entire second floor is a non-smoking.
Room Descriptions
Standard and Superior Classic Rooms
One unique benefit of the hotel's restoration is that even the Grand Hotel Europe's standard Classic rooms vary in size and in layout, maintaining the hotel's historic character and reflecting its fascinating architectural heritage. Each of the Classic rooms comprises an entrance way, a bedroom with seating area, and a bathroom. All have twin, double, or Grand Lit beds, with Swedish duvets and coverlets in clean pastel hues. Moreover, each room is fully equipped with a mini-bar , a hairdryer, a television with satellite reception and a movie channel, a telephone with international direct dial facility and voice mail, a writing desk, and comfortable armchairs in which to relax. For additional comfort, the tiled floor of each bathroom is heated. Plus, you'll find that all rooms are equipped with safes, air conditioning and fax modem lines. The hotel's 212 Classic rooms vary in size from 16 to 29 square meters. Of these, 99 are equipped with twin beds, 49 with doubles, and 64 with Grand Lits.
Belle Chambres
The hotel's Belle Chambres are distinguished for retaining the generous spaces and classical style of the nineteenth century. While these rooms vary in size and in layout, they are on average about twice the size of the standard room. The rooms have parquet floors, spacious seating areas with armchairs and a sofa, and large windows facing onto historic Nevsky Prospekt--all of which contribute to their extraordinarily light and airy ambience. The furnishings of the Belle Chambres are antique and feature period reproduction pieces; the twin or Grand Lit beds are covered with Swedish duvets and coverlets in tasteful pastel shades. The Belle Chambres are, in addition, equipped with all of the amenities enjoyed in the Classic rooms. The hotel's 19 Belle Chambres range in size from 31 to 45 square meters. Of these, 15 are equipped with twin beds, two with doubles, and two with Grand Lits.
Terrace Rooms
High atop the hotel, on the fifth floor and looking out over St Petersburg's enchanting skyline, are our Terrace rooms. These rooms are of similar layout, style, and size (20 square meters) to our Classic rooms, with the exception that they are graced as well by balconies. Those facing Arts Square enjoy striking views of the Church of the Spilt Blood, one of St Petersburg's most beautiful landmarks. All Terrace Rooms are fitted with satellite television, mini-bars, hairdryers, telephones with international direct dial facility, in summer, terrace furniture and of course the amenities of the Classic rooms. The hotel's 17 Terrace rooms are all equipped with double beds.
Penthouse Suites
These split-level, modern style upstairs are ideal for longer stays and for working visits, as they separate the bedroom from the lounge and working area below. The penthouse suites are furnished in soft shades of rust or blue and decorated with modern Russian paintings. All of the suites have double beds or Grand Lits, a sofa and chairs, and a writing desk. In addition, the suites are equipped with mini-bars, TVs with satellite link and a movie channel, hairdryers and telephones with international direct dial facility and voice mail. Each of the 22 suites measures 55 square meters and features safes, air conditioning and fax modem lines; 20 are furnished with double beds and 2 with Grand Lits.
Presidential and Imperial Suites
The full grandeur of St Petersburg at the turn of the century is preserved in the Lidvall and the Rossi suite. Furnished in the classical style, with antique oil paintings, clocks and decorative ornaments, these suites are suitable for meetings, for entertaining, and simply for relaxing. Both the Lidvall and the Rossi suites have accommodated figures of international stature, including several heads of state as well as many notable artists, business leaders, entertainers, and other celebrities. Each of the suites measures 67 square meters and comprises an entrance hall, a guest bathroom, an anteroom, and a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom.
Junior & Executive Suites
The junior and executive suites of the Grand Hotel Europe vary considerably in size and layout, but all share the historic features that were carefully restored during the hotel's renovation. Antique furniture is used throughout, and the colour and style of the decor reflects in all of its aspects the elegance and dignity of turn-of-the-century Tsarist Russia. All of the suites comprise an entrance hall, a lounge, a bedroom and a bath; our larger suites have in addition a guest washroom. All of the suites are of course equipped with satellite television and a movie channel, international direct dial telephones and voice mail, mini-bars, hairdryers, safes, air conditioning and fax modem lines. The hotel's 24 Junior suites range in size from 37 to 45 square meters; 3 are furnished with twin beds, and the remaining 21 are furnished with double beds. The 5 Executive suites, all of which are furnished with a double bed, range in size from 50 to 60 square meters.
Amenities and Special Services
The Grand Hotel Europe distinguishes itself through scrupulous attention to detail and personalised service. What many hotels consider exceptional, we consider standard. Among the amenities available to all of our guests are the following items and services:
· Fitness Center with sponge pool and sauna
· Massage Therapists
· Hair dresser
· 24-hour valet parking
· Theatre Desk
· Terry robes
· Secretarial services
· Shoe Shine
· Non-smoking floor
· Shopping Gallery
· Pastry and Flower Shop
· Famous Ananov Fabergй Egg Shop
· Front Desk with multi-lingual concierge
· Packing / unpacking service upon request
· Hand-laundry and dry cleaning service
· Safes for valuables in every room
· Twice-daily maid service
Business Services & Facilities
The Hotel's Business and Convention centre provides exceptionally strong support for our guests. The Grand Hotel Europe can provide you with secretarial assistance, with interpreters and translators, and with a private Meeting room or temporary office. International communications, including fax, e-mail and Internet, postal and courier services are all available through the Hotel as well. Our concierge will be happy to confirm your transportation, to make onward travel arrangements, to reconfirm airline tickets, to offer advice on restaurants and to arrange all tours and excursions in and outside St.Petersburg. Our private function rooms are ideal for important meetings and conferences, discreet negotiations, presentations, seminars, and training sessions. The Hotel will be happy to assist you with all arrangements, including the supply of audio-visual aids and simultaneous translation equipment.
Banquet Planning & Facilities
Over the course of its long history, the Grand Hotel Europe has been the venue for innumerable spectacular occasions. Today our Banqueting team upholds this fine tradition, providing the careful organization, the considered advice, and the attention to detail essential to a successful event. Our many different function rooms, each with its own special character, provide the perfect setting for any gathering. Whether you are planning a small private dinner, an elaborate banquet and dance, or simply an intimate cocktail gathering, the Grand Hotel will ensure that the occasion is a resounding success. If you wish, we can also arrange special functions at venues outside of the Hotel, including a number of imperial palaces and some of St.Petersburg's most beautiful private theatres.
Special Packages
If your dream is to go ice-fishing on the Finnish Gulf, dine on the battleship Aurora, dance with gypsies or enjoy a private ballet performance from the favored seat of Catherine the Great, the Grand Hotel Europe can make the dream a reality.
Our dedicated and experienced Group Coordination Team is ready to help you organise colourful and exciting Incentive Programmes and Special Events, taking advantage of the rich cultural and historical wealth of St. Petersburg and its surroundings to provide enthralling experiences in magnificent settings. Kempinski's guests at the Grand Hotel Europe can be waited on by the courtiers of the Czar, be entertained by Cossacks and traditional Balalaika bands, or even dine with Lenin and his comrades in an imaginative journey to the days of the Revolution. Private theatres, including the Hermitage Theatre, can be hired for exclusive ballet performances
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