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Контрольная The topic of the lesson - families and relatives. All people have families, big or small. Why do we really need to have a family? The guests of the lesson tell a lot about family, because one of them has a big family, but another one has no family at all.


Тип работы: Контрольная. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 29.01.2010. Сдан: 2010. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

Для цієї вистави потрібні декорації звичайної кімнати. Малюк, члени його родини вдягнені звичайно. Карлсон має бути вдягнений в картаті штани з ґудзиком на животі та іграшковим пропелером на спині. Для казки про ріпку потрібні костюми для Собаки, Кішки, Миши. Бабуся, Дідусь, Онук можуть бути вдягнені у звичайний одяг. Ріпка має бути великою, картонною. Коли вона витягнена - з'являється дівчинка в помаранчевому костюмі Ріпки. Бабуся Карлсона може бути в спідниці темного кольору, світлій хустці, світлій сорочці, можливо, у фартусі.

Дійові особи

11 Pupils
Kid's Mother
Kid's Father
Kid's Sister
Kid's Brother
Part I

Teacher: Hello, my dear pupils! We are going to talk about families, relatives, friends today. All of us have families. Some of them are big or very big, some of them are not. Why do we really need to have a family?
Pupil 1: Everyone needs help, love, and care. If you have a family, you'll get it all.
Teacher. Clever answer! Our today's guests can tell us a lot about having family. Because one of them has a big family, but another one has no family at all. Meet them, pupils! There are Kid and Karlsson!
Kid and Karlsson appear.
Karlsson: Hi, pupils! I like to have fun any time! I hope you are really naughty!
Pupils: Hello, Karlsson! We are glad to see you!
Kid: Hello, children! I hope you remember not only Karls-son but me too. I am called Malish. In English I am Kid. I'm glad to see you and want to be friends with all merry and playful pupils!
Pupils: Hello, Kid! We are glad to see you too!
Teacher: So, we have to greet our guests. And now I'd like to tell you a surprising thing. It's ...
Kid: Sorry for interrupting you, dear teacher!
Teacher: Yes, Kid?
Kid: May I tell this news myself?
Teacher: Do it. I don't mind. You are so polite and nice!
Kid: Children! Today my best friend Karlsson has his birthday!
Pupils: Great! Wonderful news!
Happy birthday to you!
Korlsson: Ok! Ok! I've heard it. I don't like traditional birthday with relatives, tables with meals. It's boring! Let's break something or frighten somebody! Or maybe spoil a very important thing! That's real fun!
Teacher: Poor thing! You must be very unhappy living alone. That's why you've never had a really funny birthday party and pretend you don't like this tradition at all.
Karlsson: No, I don't! I am really happy having a friend! I need not to have a family! It's silly and bothering! If you have a mother, she'll make you wash your hands, face every morning, brush your hair, keep your clothes clean. If you have a father, he will shout at you for bad marks, tell you about good manners. If you have a grandmother, she'll always worry about your weak health. If you have a grandfather, he'll forbid you to watch TV or to go for a walk when you really want to do it! Disgusting relationships!
Teacher: But when you are ill, mother will give you a medicine, touch your head tenderly, kiss you with love. Father will read you a book, grandmother will tell you a fairy tale, grandfather will present you a new penknife.
Karlsson: A penknife? Cool! I'd like to have such a grandfather!
Pupil 2: Karlsson! How couldn't you understand such an easy thing? You play with your friend Kid in the morning, afternoon or evening. But then you come back to your house absolutely alone. You have nobody to listen to you or to chat with you. Nobody will make you a cup of tea in the evening or in the morning. Nobody will cover you with a blanket as mothers usually do.
Karlsson: I've never thought about it! But maybe you are right ... Why did you make me upset? I don't want to think or talk about these things now!
Kid: And you shouldn't! Dear Karlsson! Today is your birthday and I have an unexpected present for you. My mum, and dad, and sister and brother have loved you as much as I do.
Kid's Father, Mother, Sister and Brother appear.
Kid's Mother: Dear Karlsson! I would be glad to have one more son who is absolutely like you! We've found out that you are smart, funny, sometimes selfish but always full of life and energy!
Kid's Father: Be with us forever, Karlsson! We really love you! Be a member of our family! Stay with us! Be our son! Our naughty, restless, charming son!
Kid's Brother: Yes, Karlsson! We think so too! You are so cool and talented! Let's live and play together!
Kid's Sister: Stay with us, Karlsson! I'll cook tasty cakes for you, I'll ...
Karlsson: Cakes? Will you cook them every day?
Kid's Sister: Whenever you ask!
Karlsson: It suits me! I'm fond of eating cakes with cream. Will they be with cream?
Kid's Mother (laughing): Certainly!
Karlsson: Great! Then I'll try to be your son and your brother. It will be like a new game. «Karlsson has a family now!» It's funny, pupils, isn't it?
Pupil 3: It will be wonderful, Karlsson! Try to do it!
Kid: I'll be so happy to call you a «brother»! But you once said you had a grandmother, didn't you?
Karlsson: Yes, I did! I visit her every summer! She lives in the country in a lovely house near the river. My granny can cook so tasty rolls and pies! Saying nothing of puddings and biscuits! I love my Granny!
Granny appears.
Karlsson's Grandmother: And I love you too!
Karlsson: Granny!
Karlsson's Grandmother: Karlssonchik! (Hugs, kisses him, cries happily)
Karlsson: I have not expected to see you today!
Karlsson's Grandmother: How could I forget about your birthday?
Pupil 3: How do you do, dear grandmother of Karlsson? All of us are glad to meet you.
Karlsson's Grandmother: So am I! You know, children, Karlsson is not as harmful as it seems to be. He is just too energetic. If we find an interesting hobby for him, Karlsson will be much better. I am sure!
Pupil 4: So am I! Dear grandmother of Karlsson, I was always wondering why he lives alone? Where are his parents?
Karlsson's Grandmother: It's a sad story. His father was my only son. His wife and he were the mountain climbers. They both were fond of high places, that's why they built that strange house on the roof of your one. They were very happy together because they loved each other very much. But one day they fell down from the top of the mountain. We lost them forever. (Crying sadly)
Karlsson: Granny ... Why do you ... Granny! I am with you! I love you! Stop crying, Granny! I can't look at it.
Karlsson's Grandmother: Ok! Ok! He is right. He is with me since the age of five. But I had too much work about the house and had no time to bring you up carefully. That's why, children, he usually does whatever he wants. I shouted at him, punished him, but it didn't work. And one day he said that he wanted to live as a grown-up alone in the city. I had to agree with it or he could just disappear to nowhere. So I send him money, food every week, take him on summer holidays. But my dear Karlsson still lives absolutely alone in his parent's house. I worry about him a lot and the worst thing is that he doesn't like to come to school.
Kid's Mother: That's a pity, Karlsson! All my children go to school. They like it, don't you children?
Kid's Sister: Yes, I do!
Kid's Brother: Maybe, not all subjects ...
Kid: Let's go to school together!
Karlsson: I'll think about it! What's interesting in your school?
Kid: Everything! Imagine we are learning the topic «Family». We'll not only learn the words by heart, but tell rhymes, play games and sing song with them!
Karlsson: Will I like it?
Teacher: You won't know till you try. Children, let's do it!
Pupils: Let's!
Pupil 5:

Our large family
Has a nice flat.
We live there happily
With a kitten and a cat
My sister and brother
All go to school.
We help one another,
It is a good rule.
We help one another,
It is a good rule.
We help our mother
When she washes or cooks.
Together with father
We like to read books.
Pupil 6:

My funny Grandmother
Once went to the market
As the food must be bought.
She went to the market,
The weather was good.
And she fell asleep
In The nearest wood.
There came by a fellow
His surname was stout,
He cut her petticoats
All round about.
He cut her petticoats
Up to her knees,
Which made my Grandmother
To shiver and sneeze.
When poor Grandmother
Began to awake,
She began to shiver,
And she began to shake.
She began to shake

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