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топик Gifted children are those who have outstanding abilities and are capable of high performance. The question of whether genius is innate or acquired has not been answered by the scientists yet.


Тип работы: топик. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 25.08.2006. Сдан: 2006. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

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How to make your child gifted?
Gifted children are those who have outstanding abilities and are capable of high performance.
The question of whether genius is innate or acquired has not been answered by the scientists yet. THOMAS EDISON gave his famous formula for genius as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.We often hear statements such as “She is a born artist”, or “He's a natural athlete”, or on the contrary “Success never came easy for me” or “He is a self-made man”. Those who manifest giftedness obviously have some inborn factors plus the motivation and stamina (выносливость, стойкость) to learn from and cope with the rigors (raigors) of living.
Therefore, giftedness depends not only on inborn ability but also on the way the ability is developed as the person grows. It also depends on the extent to which the person is interested in the field of their talent.
Psychological research held by a professor at the University of Chicago showed none of the 120 talented people showed remarkable talent in early life. It was effort and firmness that made the difference. They showed the ability to pursue their chosen field over many years until they made it to the top. The fastest took 12 years and the slowest took 25.
Parents play a great part in the development of their child's talent or gift. According to the research, high achievements were not the result of parental pressure and drilling. Their specialization began as an amusement and an exploration shared with a parent, which grew into a lifelong passion.
Scientists say that parents themselves do not need to be experts in the field of their child's future talent. The father pf a famous mathematician would say “this is a half and this is a quarter” while feeding him an omelet at breakfast.
Psychologists also advise that during the early years of learning parents or teachers should be less concerned about the correctness of a child's work. They should encourage the child's interest and involve them in field-specific playful activity and exploration. Besides, any effort and little achievement should be applauded by parents.
According to the research, the opportunity to explore and play and the encouragement to do so can enhance the performance of many children and the talents of some will be exceptional.
The danger is that some parents apply pressure on their children. This way may produce an anxiety which is completely counter productive, as scientists say.
Another research showed that children stimulated and pushed hard by their parents, who were actively involved in what their children did, demonstrated a lower level of alertness and happiness than those in more balanced families.
Supportive parents, on the other hand, actively helped their children to follow their interests and praised their results whatever standard was achieved.
The children who did best in the stu и т.д.................

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