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сочинение Once, when I went to school, my father has told that I should try to organize my time wisely to achieve good results in every way. Certainly, I wished to be a success in my life! That is why I have decided to start to schedule my day hour by hour.


Тип работы: сочинение. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 20.05.2007. Сдан: 2007. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

My day and its schedule
Once, when I went to school, my father has told that I should try to organize my time wisely to achieve good results in every way. Certainly, I wished to be a success in my life! That is why I have decided to start to schedule my day hour by hour. When I have shown the schedule to the father, he has complimented me for it and has told that I should have a sufficient reason to ruin my schedule henceforth.
Several years have passed since that time; I already study at the University today. Nevertheless, I still have a habit to schedule the time carefully, and here is how I spend my usual week-day.
It is a rule for me to wake up at 6:30. It is difficult to get up so early, that is why I like to begin my day cheerfully. The alarm clock rings and I get up. Turning on the rhythmical music, though I am lazy, I do my morning exercises at the open window. At 6:45, I go to the bathroom where I take a contrast shower, then I wash my face and clean my teeth. By then I do not want to sleep any more, and I feel myself quite hungry to have breakfast. Usually my breakfast consists of porridge, a cup of coffee or tea and several sandwiches. Sometimes I eat muesli. During the breakfast, I like to watch TV-news, or to read the newspaper. I have 25 minutes for this all.
Then I go to the bedroom, where I make my bed and dress myself, then I put the books and the writing-books, which are necessary for me today, in the bag because it is the time to go to the University. I live not so far from the University and I go there by bus. The road usually takes from 20 to 30 minutes. I do not like to be late for my studies. That is why I leave home at 7:25.
At 8:00, I must be at the University already. We usually have three or four lectures per a day. Every day I learn something new, something interesting, and I do not have time to be bored. At 12:00, we go for a dinner with my friends. We eat salads and pies, drink juice or coffee in our buffet, discussing various themes and telling each other about our news. Usually I am already free at 15:00, though sometimes it happens earlier.
When I come back home, I would like to have a sleep or watch TV, play different computer games, but I cannot permit myself to do this. I have to learn a homework till 19:10 because at 19:30 we have a volleyball's training with my friends, and I need the time to reach the sports hall. It is a big pleasure for us to play volleyball though we do not take part in various events. It allows me to keep myself in the good form and to be healthy.
I am free again at 21:30. Usually I like to spend evening at home, because it is the time for me to have a rest after a long day, during which I have so many demands on my time. I watch TV or listen to the radio, read a book. Sometimes I learn something from my summaries. Sometimes the visitors come to me. However, I can go to the cinema after our training or go for a walk along the street with my friends if the weather is fine, but it happens very seldom at the week-days.
At least I wash my face, clean my teeth and go to bed at 23:00. Before falling asleep, I can listen to quiet music that helps me to relax. Though I get tired very much and every week-day is similar to another one, it is necessary to force myself to go to bed because I always have something interesting to do. Moreover, if I did not have a schedule, I probably would go to bed at the wrong time and even would be late for the lectures.
I have got used to behave in these frameworks of my daily schedule; it is for the benefit of me in fact. In addition, I am sure, that I can make an outstanding ca и т.д.................

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