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Контрольная The office as a place for work and creation of modern office. The cabinet of the head, general interior, the furniture. Decorating a home office space with technical equipment and efficient storage space. Location in the house where the office must be.


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The office can be not only a place for work, but also means of advertising. The main thing - to allocate criterion function of the company. The designer does not display the validity, and creates the new form in which concludes corporate spirit of the company. The way of expression of it can be allocation by color, light, the invoice of a material or creation sculptural go a floristic composition.

With careful consideration and inspired design its implementation should nurture a productive and contented workforce, whilst reflecting, and enhancing an organization's culture and image.

Comfort's expertise is in providing designers with an unreservedly diverse and flexible range of office interior products. The tools, in fact, to create space dividing solutions to resolve the most challenging of requests.

The office is a face of the company

The dominant - the object allocated on a background of all other interior and concentrating attention of people included in a premise is created. For example, at office of the company obtaining a granite, create a mosaic floor from this material.

Being reflected in a mirror ceiling, the mosaic creates impression of validity, informs on a structure of firm still before the first words are made. For expression of spirit of the company it is possible to use hyperbolic images. So, the firm selling the writing goods, could use as office talisman a huge paper clip, having exposed her at itself in a hall.

Creation of modern office is an ergonomic problem. The set of psychological and professional factors of interaction of employees of the company should be taken into account. Starting work above an interior of office, it is necessary to lead zoning, definition of groups of employees on a professional accessory and their correlation to sites of office space. The will of the head finally defines corporate style of the company and is reflected in an interior of office.

There are two features: on the one hand, the person aspires to protect the working zone from associates, with another - the success of activity of firm is impossible without constant effective interaction between employees. Low partitions, beautiful-form associates of the person of the form of table-tops create impression of security and do not interfere with business dialogue. The arrangement of workplaces and their device should correspond to professional work and features of the person. The general rule - to not have a workplace a back to open space - is connected to subconscious desire to be protected, and first of all to protect a back.

The cabinet of the head

The cabinet of the head in many cases carries out a role of a hanger with which all begins. Potential clients, employees, partners and sponsors, contracts, credits both all possible and impossible prospects - begin, develop or irrevocably perish here. Therefore the choice of conditions and furniture for a cabinet of the head is of great importance for the enterprise or firm as a whole.

First of all the general interior of a cabinet of the head - his style is estimated. To construct a faultless interior of a cabinet of the head it is possible only in the certain premises adequate by the form and the sizes to some rules. The main place in a cabinet of the head borrows the Table to which the conference tables can be put. The furniture for a cabinet of the head necessarily should include an armchair - a comfortable place for thinking and decision-making. Other subjects of furniture and interior in a cabinet of the head should emphasize style and a working atmosphere.

For today among the Russian prevailing style tendencies in registration of a cabinet of the head - a combination of modern "techno" and "hi-tech", allowing to take the most of advanced achievements of a science and technics, with classical traditional elements which introduce habitual convenience and a cosiness, heat in an interior and quiet equal adjust.

The first question which arises at registration of a cabinet of the head is the area on which sizes much depends, and also the form of a premise. The head should realize, that the faultless interior is possible, only if the area of a room makes not less than 20 square meters. It is rather desirable thus that the cabinet was rectangular or quadrangular - but not extended. In the latter case to create a harmonious interior it will be practically impossible.

Certainly, the central subject of a cabinet of the head - a table. His majesty a table serves as a honourable pedestal for signing contracts by high contracting parties the Table of the head big and is great, than other office tables. Also it is distinguished with massive legs and curbstones, the solid table-top, as a rule, in 2 times is thicker usual. Frequently the Table decorates bjuvar, trimmed with a natural leather or other modern expensive materials.

The armchair of the head carries out the major role: sitting in it, the chief should feel like extremely comfortably - that nothing prevented during considering and acceptance of strategic decisions. Therefore the armchair of the boss differs: а) in height and massiveness, б) technical perfection. More often such armchairs are made of strong traditional materials - for example, a natural leather or high quality substitutes and are equipped with the pneumatic mechanism of rise of sitting. Besides the Main armchair, are available also others - for example conferences-armchairs which under the characteristics are not so perfect, but should not be beaten out from the general style of an interior.

Cases in a cabinet not the main thing, and as a rule, they do not borrow especially a lot of place, however and they carry out the certain function in creation of necessary conditions: accurately placed magazines and books in good relieves subordinates or partners leave good impression at visitors, whether it be. With this role glazed, sliding doors in the bottom branches, and also racks and floor curbstones perfectly consult.

Rather frequently in a cabinet put a sofa. Certainly, first of all it is office sofa - but on a class it will always differ from the colleagues the raised convenience and exclusive quality of materials. Here again on the first place - certainly a leather and natural wood. The sofa in this case incurs a role of a classical, traditional subject of an interior - places where it is possible to relax or reduce a distance in searches of a consensus in necessary cases. The possible variants are: two, three-local sofas, spacious "corner", some armchairs for rest - the choice depends on presence of an empty seat and desire of the owner.

Decorating home offices

Decorating a home office space can be a challenge of integrating required technical equipment with efficient storage space to make an attractive home office workspace.

It is becoming more and more common for people to work out of their homes. Creating a home office space can be a challenge of integrating required technical equipment with efficient storage space. Both of these items need to be addressed while at the same time decorating your home office in a manner that will make it a pleasing area to work that is efficient and well lighted.

Sound overwhelming? Let's take it one step at a time, starting with storage options.

Having adequate storage is the key to having an efficient workspace that is not cluttered. Choose furnishings that can perform double duty jobs like an armoire that can store files and house the media equipment at the same time. If you home office needs to accommodate drop in houseguests you may need to decorate around a hide-a-bed couch as well.

Computers, faxes and scanner equipment is a necessity for home offices. Center your decorated and storage budget around suitable housing for those items. Some desks and work centers allow the computer to be concealed inside the glass desk top or have built in cabinet doors to close when not in use. A roll top desk is an attractive alternative for the computer center as well.

Try and integrate office technology with the style of your home by choosing storage options that look more like furniture than stark office equipment. For example, I chose stackable wicker and wire file baskets instead of purchasing a cold, metal, filing cabinet. Waste paper baskets are another item that is available in a wide variety of colors and materials that can soften a utility workspace. Use large screens to disguise unsightly equipment.

Warmth can be quickly added to your workspace with well placed lighting options. An adjustable desktop lamp can look decorative and inviting while reducing glare to your computer screen.

Make sure you do not close yourself off to the outside world. Choose window shade and fabric treatments that allow you to control the amount of light into your workspace. Use soft, translucent window shades to reduce glare but give you a view outdoors.

Have fun decorating your space. After all there are not any corporate rules to follow - you are the boss! Include some of your personality into the decorative furnishings and colors. Strive for a look that is somewhere between residential and commercial by choosing patterns that are soothing an и т.д.................

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