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Реферат Corporate profile. Executive Management. Organization. Governance. Openness. Responsibility. Effective Oversight. The History of Visa. From Inspiration to Organization: The beginnings of Visa. Years of Change: Shaping the industry. Growth and technology.


Тип работы: Реферат. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 24.02.2009. Сдан: 2009. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

Orenburg state institute of management
Organization structure of Visa

Mede by: student of MO - 24 group
Utkin Ilya Alexandrovich
Orenburg, 2005


    Corporate profile
    Executive Management
        Effective Oversight
    The History of Visa
      From Inspiration to Organization: The beginnings of Visa
        Years of Change: Shaping the industry
        Today and Tomorrow: Growth and technology

Corporate profile

Visa connects cardholders, merchants and financial institutions through the world's largest electronic payments network. Visa products allow buyers and sellers to conduct commerce with ease and confidence in both the physical and virtual worlds. As an association owned by 21,000 member financial institutions, Visa is committed to the sustained growth of electronic payment systems to support the needs of all stakeholders and to drive economic growth. There are 1.3 billion Visa cards in circulation, which are accepted at approximately 24 million locations, generating more than $3 trillion in annual card sales volume.

Wide spectrum of Visa's products and services include credit, debit, and prepaid payment solutions, as well as programs and initiatives designed specifically for commercial and government enterprises. We also develop common standards and specifications to facilitate commerce and provide our member financial institutions with global payment platform development, 24/7 operation of the world's largest and most sophisticated payment processing system, and management of the Visa brand.

Executive Management

Each member of Visa's Executive Management team brings a wealth of experience in financial services and payment systems management. They share a vision of empowering people and institutions to more efficiently and conveniently conduct commerce.

Christopher Rodrigues
President and Chief Executive Officer, Visa International
Rupert G. Keeley
President, Visa Asia Pacific
Derek A. Fry
President, Visa Canada
Anne L. Cobb
President, Visa Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa
Johannes (Hans) I. van der Velde
President, Visa Europe
Eduardo Eraсa
Group Executive, Visa Latin America & Carribbean
John Philip Coghlan
President and Chief Executive Officer, Visa USA


The cornerstone of Visa's success is a unique organizational structure. Partnerships with 21,000 financial institutions enable Visa to meet the needs of local markets and to balance various financial, regulatory and legal factors. All participants benefit from economies of scale. Visa provides a robust payment platform on which our members compete vigorously.

This strategy of "localization" is supported by a highly decentralized organization. Most resources and decision-making are pushed out to the regional and country operations which adapt Visa products and services to the culture and customs, thereby meeting the unique needs of buyers and sellers in each market.

In short, Visa is not a traditional multi-national corporation. By empowering staff that understand the banks, consumers and merchants in their markets, Visa has grown its business 22% for the past 25 years--a track record matched by few other global businesses.

Operationally, Visa is divided into six regional entities and a corporate headquarters. The Visa regions are:

· Visa Asia Pacific Region

· Visa Canada

· Visa Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa Region

· Visa Europe

· Visa Latin America & Caribbean Region

· Visa USA

The activities of all Visa members are governed by a set of global operating regulations. The interoperability, stability and growth of the worldwide enterprise is facilitated by a core group of centralized functions which develop product platforms, manage the Visa brand, monitor global risks and ensure implementation of technical standards.
The Visa organization derives its strength from this dynamic balance between local and global--for none of the parties involved would be as effective without the others. This highly elastic, distributed regional structure has been a key element of Visa's growth and will continue to deliver the flexibility and responsiveness that the highly competitive market demands.


Openness, responsibility and effective oversight are the foundation of Visa's commitment to good corporate governance. These principals are critical to obtaining and retaining the trust of our members, merchants and cardholders. They are also vital to secure the respect and trust from other key stakeholders and interested parties--including employees, customers, suppliers, government officials and the public at large.


Visa is committed to increase understanding among all stakeholders about the role Visa plays in the electronic payments industry, our goals and what we do. Although it is a non-stock membe и т.д.................

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