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Реферат Moscow is the capital of Russia, is a cultural center. There are the things that symbolize Russia. Russians clothes. The Russian character. Russia - huge ethnic and social mixture. The Russian museum in St. Petersburg. The collection of Russian art.


Тип работы: Реферат. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 06.10.2008. Сдан: 2008. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

Russia is my Motherland.

When roaming Russia's woods that glisten
At dawn amid the new-mown hay
To nature's song of love I listen,
A song of Russia's bright new day.
When dawn first shines on the horizon
To touch the woods with autumn's glow,
I hear the birch, as in my childhood,
She whispers singing soft and low.
Винокурова М.
Сурикина М.

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world. Moscow is a modern city now. The population of the city is about 9,5 million people. Moscow is a political center, where the government of our country works.
Yuri Dolgoruky founded Moscow in 1147. The total area of Moscow is about nine hundred square kilometers. Moscow is a port of five seas, as the Moscow - Volga Canal links Moscow with the Baltic, White, Caspian and Black seas and the Sea of Azov.
Moscow is an industrial center too. There are many factories and plants there. One of the best-known plants produces many lorries and the others one produce cars.
Moscow is a cultural center. There are 60 professional theatres, 74 museums, many institutes and libraries in Moscow. The Bolshoi Theatre is famous all over the world. If you are fond of painting you can go to the Tretyakov Art Gallery or to the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and see a lot of interesting portraits and landscapes there. The Tretyakov Art Gallery is a treasure house of Russian art.
Young people like to visit the Central Military museum. There are many tanks, guns and war documents there. One can see the Kremlin and Red Square in the center of the city. There are many fine buildings, wide streets, green parks, large squares, churches and monuments in Moscow.
It is necessary to mention such famous monuments as monuments to the Great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin and to the first Russian printer Ivan Fedorov. A lot of foreigners from all over the world come to see these monuments, while they are visiting the capital.
One of the highest buildings in Moscow is the State Moscow University. The great scientist Mikhail Lomonosov founded it in 1755.
Transport… Moscow is a very big city and its transport must be comfortable and fast. One can see a lot of cars, buses, trolleybuses and trams in the streets of our city. The Moscow metro began to work on the 15th of May, 1935. There were 13 stations at that time. Now it has 190 stations. Our metro is a beautiful and convenient one. There are nine railway stations in Moscow and four airports around the city.
There are many stadiums и т.д.................

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