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Реферат Switzerland is a traditional country of tourism. A tourist infrastructure is developed in a country. Picturesque nature and advantageous geographical position provides an influx in the country of great number of tourists. Known resorts of Switzerland.


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The tourism in Switzerland


The best places for the first visiting




Switzerland is one of Europe's most visited countries, but one of its least understood. Pass through for a day or two, as most people do, and you'll get the quaint stereotype of Switzerland that the locals deem suitable for public consumption - the Alpine idyll of cheese and chocolate, Heidi and the Matterhorn.

Stay longer though and another Switzerland will emerge, the one which the Swiss inhabit, and one which can be an infinitely more rewarding place to explore. Sights are breathtaking, transport links are excellent, costs are no higher than in Britain or Germany, and the locals are unfailingly courteous.

Almost everyone speaks some English along with at least one of the official Swiss languages (German, French, Italian, and, in the southeast, Romansh).

Prestigious southern slopes of the Alpes near to Italy are considered. The capital of winter Olympiads Saint-Moritz and Davos here is located - the favourite place of rest of Russian nobility is no time. Many prefer the most southern resort of the country - Cematte, where it is possible to ski even in summer. Arriving to the country in summer months prefer numerous lakes, and those who visits Switzerland an autumn were enjoyed vineyards the Shaft or In.

The tourism in Switzerland


Caring for guests is a serious business in this nation of innkeepers. Where almost anything will be done to make you feel welcome and at home. With a reputation like this it is no surprise that many people come back time and time again. From historic palaces to the tiniest pension, there is definitely a place for every taste.

Of course, there is one thing we can't do for you - pick exactly where you will stay. But we present so many choices you will surely find the perfect spot. Whether you are touring a specific region or staying in one place for a week or so, there is an impressive range of accommodation available.


When it comes to Swiss hotels the choice is immense. Throughout the country, you will find historic hotels, traditional hotels, country inns, designer hotels, female only hotels right up to the most modern business hotel as well as luxurious and theme hotels.

Apartments and Chalet Rentals

Accomodation is expensive, but nearly always excellent. Tourist offices can generally book rooms for free in their area, and they normally have a display-board on the street with details of the region's hotels, often with a courtesy phone. In many cases you'll find these boards at train stations. When you check in, you should always ask for a guest card: these can give substantial discounts on local attractions and transport.

Switzerland is a country of chalets and apartments. A wide selection is available in all tourist regions. In this menu you will find detailed advice on how to locate and book your apartment or chalet.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is a fairly new term in Switzerland, this type of accommodation has always been on offer but was better known as 1* and 2* hotels. This is a growing market in Switzerland and a specific web-site has been set up for further information on Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Switzerland.


Although it is only possible to camp on authorised camping sites in Switzerland, you will always find a site in the area that you want to stay in.

Group Accommodation

Group accommodation is widely catered for in Switzerland. Whether a large family, a group of friends a school/club holiday or that all-important corporate conference.


Just about every Swiss settlement offers a choice of hotels, where accomodation is of a uniformly high standard, and not excessively expensive.

The Swiss Hotel Association (®www.swisshotels.ch) has a list of approved establishments, and occa-sional offers. Double rooms with a shared shower and toilet can cost as little as Sfr85, though a more usual average is Sfr110. Ensuite hotel rooms cost from around Sfr135.

Hostels and campsites
If you're travelling on a budget, a hostel I (Jugend-herberge; Auberge de Jeunesse; Albergo/Ostello per la Giovent') is likely to be your accommodation of choice; Switzerland has an extensive network, with most places offering very good value. You should definite-ly book ahead between June and September. HI hostels (®www.youthhostel.ch) are of a universally high standard and feature a good proportion of double rooms as well as small dorms. Prices range from Sfr19 to Sfr40; the average is Sfr25 for a dorm bed including breakfast and bedding. Non-HI members pay Sfr5 extra. Note that under-25s are given priority and that there's usually a three-night maximum stay during summer in the towns. Meals, where avail-able, are around Sfr10. A rival group known as Swiss Backpackers (®www.backpack-er.ch) has lively hostels that are less Institu-tional, often in prime locations in the town and city centres, and are priced to compete; they're specified in the text as "SB". Outside the towns and cities, Naturfreunde hostels are a good budget option, located in wilder areas well off any beaten tracks (®www.naturfreunde.ch)
The typical Swiss campsite is clean and well equipped, although the higher the alti-tude the more limited the opening times many close altogether outside the summer season (June-Sept) Prices tend to be around Sfr8 per person plus Sfr8-12 per pitch and per vehicle Many sites require an international camping carnet Camping out-side official sites is against the law For those hiking in the mountains there's a network of Swiss Alpine Club huts, where dorm beds cost around Sfr30 per night (®www.saccas.ch).
The budget accommodation market is very widely used in Switzerland. Information for students is available on 'Student Travel' in this section or to make an online reservation.
Switzerland Tourism is adopting the ranking, which appeared in the SonntagsZeitung, allocated by the journalist Karl Wild and his team, taking the following crtiteria into account:
Criteria for the hotel classifications:
Evaluation of the leading hotel and restaurant guides
Quality checks of the leading hotel organizations
Investment activity
The hotelier's charisma and receptiveness to innovation
Character and originality of the hotel
Situation/surroundings and range of leisure facilities
Range of leisure facilities
Value for money
Offers specific to the categories
5 categories:
The 15 best Nice-Price holiday hotels
For example:
Arosa » 1. - Waldhotel National****
A bit above the town, surrounded by pine forests and with a glorious view of the mountains. Friendly atmosphere, beautiful rooms, Wellness centre.
Double room from 200 SFr. incl. breakfast (Your host: Steffen Volk).
Zermatt » 2. - Mirabeau****Pleasant atmosphere, spacious rooms and a glorious view of the Matterhorn. The restaurant (16 "Gault Millau" Points) is no less inspiring.
Double room from 229 SFr. with half-board (Your host: Sepp und Rose Julen).
Ascona » 3. - Al Porto***
A dreamy romantic jewel on the Piazza: magical inner courtyards, a secluded garden, tasteful rooms and excellent cuisine.
Double room from 225 SFr. incl.breakfast (Your host: Helene und Frank H. Wolf).
Saas Fee » 4. - Au Chalet Cairn***
Very beautiful, charmingly rustic, and peacefully situated chalet with informal character. The well-being of the guest is the prime concern.
Double room from 230 SFr. with half-board (Your host: Familie Hopf-Brantschen).
Celerina » 5. - Misani***
A Modern Feeling hotel, which is run with commitment, and which has an unusual design. Rooms in various basic furnishings can be arranged oneself.
Double room from 170 SFr. incl. breakfast.
The 15 best City hotels:
Zurich » 1. - Baur au Lac*****
Zurich's most magnificent synthesis of the arts remains unequalled in top position. This unostentatious temple of luxury stands up to every comparison with the most beautiful hotels in the world.
Lugano » 2. - Villa Principe Leopoldo & Residence*****
Unique grandeur and extravagance in the former villa of Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern. Enchanting terrace over the lake, attractive new junior suites.
Lausanne-Ouchy » 3. - Bau-Rivage Palace*****
Magnificent Belle Epoque Palace in an enormous park on the bank of Lake Geneva. The prices in the restaurants, which are less magnificent from the culinary aspect, are worth considering.
Genf » 4. - Mandarin Oriental Hotel du Rhone*****
Luxury hotel renovated for over 60 million (Swiss) francs, with no shortcomings, in central position. Splendid rooms and marble baths, the most sophisticated technology.
Luzern » 5. - ArtDeco Hotel Montana****
Unique, extremely pleasant design hotel with enormous experience value". The best city four star hotel in Switzerland is a must for every hotel lover.
Genf » 6. - Beau-Rivage*****
Traditional, magnificent inn, built in 1865, with a six-storey atrium lobby. Slighlty eccentric hotel with friendly character and a lot of charm.
Zurich » 7. - Widder*****
Art, culture and high tech, spread over several old city houses, styled to the last detail, in the heart of the city. A little less hustle and bustle would occasionally be appropriate.
Lausanne » 8. - Lausanne Palace & Spa*****
Beautifully renovated traditional hotel with magnificent spa in the heart of the city. There is no trace of the slight fuddy-duddyness of the past.
Neuenburg » 9. - Beau-Rivage*****
The best hotel on Lake Neuenburg has added another point. A fascinating mixture of a traditional luxury hotel and of simplicity.
Luzern » 10. - The Hotel
Spiritualism, combined with elegance and timeless design: Jean Nouvel's trade mark is omnipresent, it's impossible to imagine the city without this magnificent hotel.
Genf » 11. - Des Bergues*****
Despite all rumours of being up for sale (Four Seasons?). This first class hotel, refurbished with million-pound investments, has again managed the leap to be one of the best.
Luzern » 12. - Palace Luzern*****
Wonderful rooms with unique panoramic view, splendid lobbys and an excellent restaurant: the million pound investments have paid off.
Double room from 465 SFr. excl. breakfast (Your host: Constancia und Andrea Jorger).
Zurich » 13. - Savoy Baur au Ville*****
Everything is just about perfect in the traditional, stylish hotel in Paradeplatz. The omnipresent Manfred Horger personally guarantees that.
Basel » 14. - Kunsthotel Teufelhof***
This cultural and gastronomic multi-branch business with a small theatre has, it's true, slipped several places, but can still call itself the best three star hotel in the country.
Zurich » 15. - Romantik Hotel Florhof***
Charming boutique hotel in a beautiful patrician house with idyllic garden restaurant. Still a secret tip with guests, who stay at luxury palaces elsewhere.
The 15 best Family hotels like:
Losone » 1. - Albergo Losone
Unique subtropical paradise full of surprises: Diego Glaus's Free Republic" sparkles more than ever and remains the measure of all things for family holidays.
Pontresina » 2. - Saratz****
There is no doubt that Daniel Fuglister will continue to successfully manage this (family) holiday world, built by Adrian Stalder, and situated in an enormous park.
Zermatt » 3. - La Ginabelle****
Informal, hospitable super chalet, where the whole family feels at home. Spirits are high in the Pumuckel children's club and youth club.
The 25 best Holiday hotels
For example:
Ascona » 1. - Eden Roc*****
Daniel Ziegler is setting new standards for the Swiss Holiday Hotel Business in this fabulous marble palace on Lake Maggiore. Without doubt it ranks number one.
St. Moritz » 2. - Kulm*****
Elegance, luxury and tradition, far removed from any blase attitude and pomposity. Its jump to second positon is a well-earned reward for the most uncomplicated top hotel in this classy spa.
Ascona » 3. - Albergo Giardino*****
The new Wellness section is superbly attractive. Franz Reichholf's magical romantic empire can now really get going.
Zermatt » 4. - Riffelalp*****
Stylish luxury, and exemplary hospitality in a tasteful and comfortable atmosphere. In the king's category that's enough straight away for a top position.
The 15 best Wellness hotels
Bad Ragaz » 1. - Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz*****
Complete Wellness and beauty facilities, casino, golf, top restaurants and much more. This splendid resort has made a big name for itself far beyond the Swiss borders.
Interlaken » 2. - Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa*****
Inspiring monument to the Swiss hotel business. The Wellness area is as superb as anything in Emmanuel Bergers world-famous empire.
St. Moritz » 3. - Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains
This newly opened luxury hotel with casino, the first Kempinski in Switzerland is, especially due to its extensive Wellness and beauty range, an enriching addition to the top hotels in Engadine.
A transport system
Trains and buses
Travelling through Switzerland by train is invariably comfortable, hassle-free and extremely scenic, with many mountain routes an attraction in their own right. The main network, run by SBB OFF FFS (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, Chemins de Fer Federaux, Ferrovie Federali Svizzere), covers much of the country, but many routes, especially Alpine lines, are operated by the smaller companies which pioneered them a century or more ago. Buses take over where train track runs out. These are generally yellow postbuses (www.post.ch), which depart from train-station forecourts.
InterRail (also EuroDomino) and Eurail passes are vaild on SBB and most smaller lines, but the discounts they bring are patchy on boats, cable cars and mountain railways (specified in the text as IR for InterRail and ER for Eurail). Postbuses are free to holders of all Swiss passes - although certain Alpine routes command a Sfr5-10 supplement, along with advance seat reser- vation) - but not to Eurail and InterRail pass holders.
All of Switzerland's bigger lakes are crossed by ferry services of one sort or another. Most run only during the summer season (June-Sept), and duplicate routes which can I be covered more cheaply and quickly by rail. But if you have the time, cruising through the Alpine foothills to Interlaken or between villages on the Lake Geneva shoreline beats the equivalent train journeys hands down.
Berne, the Capital of the Swiss Confederation
Bern is Switzerland's romantic political capital, the city of the bear pits, flowers, fountains and museums, and the unique medieval Old Town (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage).
The Bernese Old Town is situated on a peninsula of the River Aare. Its centre is dominated by the imposing Government Building where the parliamentary sessions are held. Museums, theatres, historical attractions, restaurants and inns, shops and the weekly markets are all easily accessible on foot. Bern's 6 kilometres of arcades make it the city with the longest weather-protected shopping promenade in Europe. Bern's Renaissance fountains were constructed in the mid-16th century. The Zahringer fountain was erected to the memory of Berthold V of Zahringen who founded the town in 1191. The Zeitglocke Tower with the famous glockenspiel originates from the 12th century. The Bear Pit it the City's most popular tourist attraction.
Discover the city of Berne on a exciting guided tour in a riverrafting boat on the river Aare.
The Old Town of Bern
The capital of Switzerland has many charms. Its quaint old town is framed by the Aare River and offers spectacular views of the Alps. With its 6 km of limestone buildings and medieval arcades,its Renaissance fountains with colorful figures,and its beautiful cathedral surrounded by picturesque rooftops,Bern, founded in 1191,i s truly a gem of medie и т.д.................

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