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Реферат The resolve of the understanding and the term of neologism. The explaining of the meaning of neologism from the context. Giving one more meaning to already existing combinations. Nontechnical, author's (individual, individually-stylistic) neologisms.


Тип работы: Реферат. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 26.09.2014. Сдан: 2010. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

Chapter 1. The resolve of the understanding and the term of `'neologism''

Till now doesn't exist an unique decision of the question. From what it can be fastening the understanding of neologism, which are the criteria's concerning this or that dictionary of neologism.
The resolving of understanding `'neologism'' by the different investigators becomes clear two points of view, concluding in that, that the term of `'neologism'' using in new style, as a creating on a new material of language in full corresponding with existing in language kinds of words or word combinations, meaning new, beforehand unknown, unexciting understanding, subject, branch of knowledge, profession and so on, f. e. reaction- ядерный реактор, biocide-биологическая война and so on, in such way as neologism, and exactly in new created synonyms already existing in a word language for the meaning of well known understanding almost semantic and stylistic colours of word, which are based on its general meanings, and already to words in new meaning: for example the word boffin (scientist) presented the synonyms of the word scientist, but it already has another semantic colour and so on. Almost marked some difference in contents of that lexical innovations by the cause of its result, of its stability in language, of its clearness of using, of its future destiny when few of them will fast enter into the language, anothers will be less stabile and can be thrown out of using after some short time.
`'Also the presenting of new words connected with resulting of new associations, but the understanding is the same as the language in general, lexical appropriations doing their special actions as the method of connections, rebuilding, differences and clearing with what, that more correctly to show, present and fasten new comprehensions corresponding words and combinations.''
The new-foundation, if it results in periphery, as it gets more fasten demands and unchangeable in word fond. New-foundations, as a rule, presented in the language of science, techniques, art, politic, and in the same time as a neologism in speaking language.
As for the time of criteria for seclusion of new-foundation and neologism exactly to decide it is impossible, it has a sense to use subjective criteria: if it receive the collective language consciousness this or that lexical unit as a new.
For the sequent we will name it with the term `'neologism'', any word for their comfort have the statue of lexical new-foundation, as the quality of own neologism.
Chapter 2: The explaining of the meaning of neologism

The basic complications during the translation of neologisms, it is the explaining of the meaning of the new word.
Particularly the translation of neologism, which meaning has already known to translator, the mission is more easy and it solves by the way of using means, being suspended for the type of the word which belongs to that neologism.
If the new word absents in English-Russian dictionary, as it is need to try to find it in English-English dictionary.
There are `'New words Sections'' in many famous dictionaries. In that time recommends to use dictionaries of the last issue. Many neologisms we can find in dictionaries and sections about slangs. It must remind, that more operative prepared and published dictionaries in little and middle thickness, but they can't satisfy the demands of professionals.
However, the dictionaries in objective causes can't wholly show in their all new-founded words, as for that lexis avoid to include in dictionaries such called `'occasional'' neologisms, individual new-founded, brought by the individual authors, such words also turns `'unlivable words'' and disappear as fast as they appear.
The explaining of the meaning of neologism from the context
Coming out from the term `'neologism'' we can assume, that the translator first meet with his own neologism, naturally he has no imagination, about that which is explained by him.
For that the meaning of neologism we often forced to understand it from the contexts. During the written translation the context as a rule rather informed. During the translation of the word usually secludes two periods;
1. The explaining of the meaning of the word in context;
2. Giving that meaning by the medium of WP.
By the translating of neologism, how it says, the first period plays an important role, and the second is only just a technique question and it must solve with the methods of more usable for the WP.
In general understanding of the context differences to micro context and macro context: under the micro context means the context of the sentence, as linguistic unit, without going out from the circle of the sentence; macro context it is compactness of linguistic unit, surrounding that unit out of the se и т.д.................

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