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доклад Bourgeoisie and proletariat as two massive flows in France, which prepare and made revolution. French Revolution as an impact on the appearing the entire political events in the European countries. Democratic actions in Switzerland after revolution.


Тип работы: доклад. Предмет: История. Добавлен: 14.04.2010. Сдан: 2010. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: --.

Описание (план):

The impact of the French Revolution on the European system?

France always played an important role in the life of Europe. It was told that to understand Europe you have to know France. The story of Europe is the story of France. Everything France took part in is a part of life of different European countries.
The impact of French Revolution on Europe is so huge, that it made its impact on the whole XIX century. It made its step to kindness with the help of the clever ideas, freedom and equality. It brought light in the ideas of many countries and horrified some of them. Socialism of the XIX century was also the idea of French Revolution, it also was a reaction to French Revolution, and the reaction against that France did not make its promises: liberty and equality. The reaction on French Revolution was indifferent. The actions happening in France showed that revolution itself brings anarchy and terror. The struggle of people for better life, for liberty and fairness brings to repression, terror, vandalism and death.
To talk about impact of one action, happening to one nation on the life of others and their history is not easy, even though it is such a great event as revolution. French Revolution for a long time made impact on Europe with its ideas and became the reason to some actions of the people for a century. That is why, to talk about the impact of the revolution is to talk how the ideas of the release from the non-governmental states were brought from one nation to another. That is how ideas of the rebel and the struggle against old reforms emerged on all the countries. The attempt to make the changes in the history awakes people for active deeds. Revolution itself gardens and protects. It points how dangerous it is for any form of government the combination the masses of people who are against something, because they are not under control, how revolution is unpredictable and how it can turn for many into the crush of hopes and destinies.
“French Revolution was very complex event which raises so many different and contradictory assessments. Many different groups of people of various public movements, different classes have tried to find a better life for themselves and their own way to resolve issues of justice and freedom through revolution. Tremendous passion of people to free themselves from the oppression of the rich, from the injustice cannot not to evoke sympathy. How to make all of them free, happy and prosperous? Even Rousseau, Helvetius, Mably, Diderot, and others consider an inequality of states and the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few people the major obstacle to the establishment of democratic freedom. And in the years of revolution, these attitudes began to speak with greater force. Many of the Revolutionists maintained that equality of political rights is nothing, if not right in practice. The latter, said Condorcet, represents "the latest target of public art", since the inequality of wealth, inequality of states and inequality of education - the main premise of all evil. A very common formula the first years of the revolution: "Big states represent an obstacle to freedom." In large cities, people in the needs of life itself first appeared communist ideas. Chief among them: the distribution of means of subsistence and the general membership on the ground, as well as the right to education for all. It was assumed, along with the right of all the products and the products of the first and second necessity, as a personal right to surplus” (Karlyle, 2002).
This topic will help to understand, what revolution is, how it appears, how it is important for the other countries: what kind of philosophical, economical and social ideas it brought to the humanity what is its role in the history.
In every state there are people who are not happy with their lives. Revolution appears when the masses of people, who are not happy with laws, government and their lives, come together. Revolution means to connect different classes of people. They all have different aims, different interests, but there is one will - is to get rid of life they live at the moment. The rebel against existing laws is the connector of all the revolutions.
There were two massive flows in France, which prepare and made revolution. Bourgeoisie, which had its own views on the government, and proletariat, which were aiming for better life. When two of these flows came together, in the beginning, with one aim, and then helped each other, the revolution started.
“The governor should be only the emblem on national unity, alleging the will of Parliament, and from time to time holding the balance between the parties. The real power is bound to be elected and remain in the hands of Parliament, in which the educated bourgeoisie, representing an active and thoughtful part of the nation, would have predominated over all the estates. In this case the Government must enrich individuals and the accumulation of huge wealth. Many believed that the enrichment of individuals is the way to enrich people. The economic desires of that time could reflect the notion of “freedom of industry and trade, suggesting the presence of a large mass of workers, due to release farmers from feudal dependence and the removal of state intervention that hider businessman.
According to the aspirations, knowledge and skills in political affairs, by its own conscience and consistency, bourgeoisie, of course was superior to ordinary folk, who did not create a public and economic ideal, although the great ideas of freedom and equality came to the darkest corners of the country. Although in the minds of a light had flashed indignation and rebellion, and hope to close the change forced the heart beat even the most downtrodden people, the ideas of national liberation and economic changes were manifested in the people и т.д.................

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