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Реферат Theatre art is very actual. The oldest Siberia theatre. Tobolsk theatre in years of Great Domestic war. Drama theatre in post-war time. Tobolsk stage in 60-70th years. The Artists. The jubilee years of theatre. Siberia theatre is 300 years old.


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1. The oldest Siberia theatre
2. Tobolsk theatre in years of Great Domestic war
3. Drama theatre in post-war time
4. Tobolsk stage in 60-70th years
5. The jubilee years of theatre
6. Siberia theatre is 300 years old
List of literature

I live in such time, when theatre art is very actual. The first question, which can be asked: “Why the theatre is necessary?” Theatre art takes a great part in people life, because people, who are fond of theatre, are the most interesting for us; their interests und conversations are more pleasant for us, that's why theatre art is actual. That's why I want to speak about it today.
1. The oldest Siberia theatre

Tobolsk drama theatre is by right considered the oldest in Siberia. First records on performances in Tobolsk can be dated 1705, and were organized by Tobolsk metropolitan Phylopheum Leschinskim. The First play, which played beside sewer Arhiereyskogo building was "Prodigal son Navuhodonosor, Body gold and Three отрока in пещи" Someone Polockogo, "Vladimir, all славянороссийских of the countries prince and ruler" Feofana Prokovopicha and others Purpose of the similar presentations was concluded in that to in available form донести spiritual edifications spectator. In 1743 a theological seminary at metropolitan Antonia Narozhnickom was opened, whose teachers and students also participated in performances. First paying performances began to get started in Tobolsk, which could be regarded as an initial indication of a professional theatre.
An important role in development of the theatre was played by an advanced governor A. Alyabjev, farther of a well-known composer. Under his initiative a producer Vigant was invited from Perm to deliver lessons in acting. At that time exiled Radishev visited the theatre three times, and through his notes the life of the theater can be guessed. A famous fairy-teller Piotr Ershov was the first in Russia to get Fonvizin's play “A young ignoramus' staged in Tobolsk. Ershov also acted as a playwright for the theatre. In 1885 a Theatrical Society was organized in Tobolsk On its initiative and on people's donations a building for the theatre called `Public Auditorium' was constructed and officially opened in 1899.
2. Tobolsk theatre in years of Great Domestic war

Before Great Domestic war the Tobolsk theatre was one of the best drama theatres of the Russian Federation.
In the first days of war the Tobolsk theatre has left on front 38 person led by director and the art director. Six from them left volunteers: director of theatre D.A. Cheremnykh, art director A.P.Ryvkin, conducting actors A.V.Rudakov, G.D.Yevseyev.
All work has lain on shoulders of eight actors. They are M.L Djakonova, V.M. Kuhterina, K.M. Kuhterina, L.M. Roganova, P.P. Stroganov, G.U. Suhachevsky, J.V. Topornina, M.P.Stroganov's actresses. As two concert brigades began to work on villages of the Tobolsk area.
On 5 November 1941 to Tobolsk there has arrived with its full complement the state Ukrainian drama theatre of a name of Maria Zankovetskoi under the direction of the national actor of Ukraine Boris Romanitskij.
Already on 6 November, on the Tobolsk stage they had been showed M. Krapivnitskij's musical drama "Give heart will - will get in bondage ". On 8 November, - performance under play Kvitko-Osnovjanenko "Went the soldier from front".
For 22 months of stay in Tobolsk M.Zankovetskij's theatre had been put 542 performances, have served them of 256 thousand spectators. After departure of the Ukrainian theatre for the ground released from fascists in Tobolsk theatre remained six actors.
Satirical sketches, burning one-act plays, fresh extremely topical stories from front life were put.
On impassability, on horses, and even on foot, reached settlements, giving in day on 5-6 concerts. Fatally tired came back home. Everywhere for them waited as alive bulletins about events on fronts.
The end of 1944. The troupe of theatre began to replenish. Have returned from front JU.S. Adamov-Ivanov, D.Pavlovsky, supervised concert brigades. With tears and pleasure met covered with wounds, but V.M.Abrosimov, A.V.Rudakov, V.G.Ovsyannikov, I.F.Semjanova, M.A.Smirnova, V.A.Kislitsyn, B.I.Kovrizhnyh alive actors, artist P.I.Maljugina, P.N.Baklanov's stages.
In repertoir of theatre such plays as "The sea widely" was stretched by V.Vishnevskij.
“Spring in Moscow” by Gusev, plays of Russian and western classics have appeared: M. Gorky's "Barbarians", "Wolves and ships" A. Ostrovsky, "Insidiousness and love" F. Schiller and others.
Long-awaited day of the Victory on 9 May 1945 has been met K.Simonov by performance "And will be". The creative collective of theatre under the direction of art director Stroganov Petra Iosifovicha has stood.
Heavy bloody war has ended, people passed to peace construction. There has come a new stage in a history of the Tobolsk theatre.
3. Drama theatre in post-war time

One of the most barnstorming theatrical groups becomes With the end 40-h years HH age Tobolsk dramatic theatre in country. At periods of the navigations he made the tours on multiple city and village Tyumen North on motor ship "Arcadia Gaydar" and "Petr Sleeve". Aside from large cultural centre Ural-Siberia region, the theatre quite often makes the special tours on remote rural region Siberian "глубинки", hereunder executing role своеобразного spiritual go-between between modern culture and public tradition Tyumenskoy area. Toboliskiy theatre, which is assigned name of the great poet-storyteller P.P. Ershova, to the ful possible consider the public theatre. Alongside with "classical" production theatre puts the plays modern domestic playwright, calls to cooperation stage manager and сценографов from miscellaneous city country, saving theatrical tradition Tobolsk.
4. Tobolsk stage in 60-70th years

On 12 April 1956 celebrating anniversary of the oldest actor Jacob Alekseevicha Zhdanova - 70 years from birthday and 50 years of scenic activity of the actor and the director has taken place. In his statement V.Gusev's play "Glory" has been shown.
Since 1949 the collective of dramatic theatre leaves for 2 thousand kilometers to the Polar circle. On barges trip steamships since Khanty-Mansiysk, the troupe moved to the north, stopping in small and big settlements: October, Salekhard, etc. One and a half - two month in ways, days of intense work, weight of impressions from meetings with people. In 1961 the wheel nicknamed actors "Arka и т.д.................

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