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Курсовик Advertising campaign


Тип работы: Курсовик. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 09.06.2012. Сдан: 2011. Страниц: 24. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: < 30%

Описание (план):


Introduction ____________________________________________________3
Types of PR campaigns___________________________________________5
Planning PR campaigns___________________________________________8
Barbie’s 50th Birthday PR campaign________________________________16
Appendix I____________________________________________________21
Appendix II_________________________________________________-___25

Advertising is the way that the companies use to make product popular and to position their product and why they believe it could improve consumer’s lives. Advertisers try to convince consumers that they need the product. And that the only way they have to satisfy that need is acquiring the product. The better the craving need they produce the better the advertisement is.
Advertising campaign is a planned program using advertising aimed at a particular target market or audience over a defined period of time for the purpose of increasing sales or raising awareness of a product or service. In other words, advertising campaign is an organizations program of advertising activities over a particular period of time with specific aims, for example to increase sales of a product.
An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication .
An organizations program of advertising activities over a particular period of time with specific aims, for example to increase sales of a product.
A coordinated publicity or advertising drive to sell a product.
The ultimate goal of a PR campaign is to receive loads of free publicity about your Company, business, book, product, service, or cause. This type of free publicity most often leads to more sales, brand awareness, strategic alliances, and so on.
The main goal of the work is to study the phenomenon of PR-campaign, namely in the sphere of trade. Also we consider the types of PR-campaign and the case study of Barbie’s 50th anniversary celebration.
Relevance . Advertising as it is appeared in our country only recently, therefore there are many issues associated with advertising. So now this theme is very relevant and much discussed. Also, it should be noted that at present the development of advertising campaigns is becoming very popular for creating an image of a company, or to release a new product to the market.

Types of PR campaigns
1. The Awareness Campaign
This type of campaign requires one development phase. It can refer to a problem or a main theme. The fundamental characteristic of this PR campaign type is the fact that the target groups have previously faced the same problem or theme. This type of campaign refers more to general things known by the society. As a consequence of this awareness approach, the target groups have to recognize a certain type of event, which has been already faced before, and to apply an already known behavior. When the target groups recognize and act upon the basis of familiar patterns, the purpose of the awareness campaign is reached.

2. The Information Campaign..............

A successful PR campaign can continue to raise brand awareness, recognition, reputation, loyalty, customer satisfaction, enhance brand image of the organization to change the publics view of the organization to accumulate intangible assets, and from which to varying degrees, to promote sale. Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame.
Just like with everything else launching a PR campaign will require planning. If a strategic plan and approach is not put into place the outcome will almost never be positive.
Also, if we analyze the types of campaigns according to the target aimed at, we could jump to the conclusion that it is much easier to inform the target groups (with a view to a problem or situation), that to modify the behavior of the target groups members related to a certain theme. This owes mostly on the different degree of involvement of the aimed at target groups. While in the awareness campaign the involvement is minimum, the persons perceiving a certain type of message and developing a behavior previously repeated many times, in the behavior changing campaign there are more phases, such as: receiving the message, change of attitude and change of behavior which necessitate a bigger involvement on behalf of the target groups members. In the same time, the messages in the last type of campaign need to be much stronger, more informative and convincing, in order to generate the change of the behavior.
It can be concluded that through the PR campaigns, the information level of the population as well as the change of its behavior in the sense of determining it to buy certain products or services could be raised. The change in the attitude of the population as well as its desire to consume more and more also involve a raise in the products or services sale.

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Appendix I
Target audience: а specified audience or demographic group for which an advertising message is designed.
Перевод: целевая аудитория, на которую направлено сообщение.
Publicity: the technique or process of attracting public attention to people, products, etc., as by the use of the mass media

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