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Отчет о практике в гостиниц еLOS OLIVOS на английском языке


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Описание (план):


I. Apart-otele LOS OLIVOS *** Description
II. Characteristics of LOS OLIVOS Product
III. Human Resources and Organizational Structure of LOS OLIVOS
IV. Working Conditions
V. Training Duties
VI. Carrying out of Research
VII. Mission and Positioning of LOS OLIVOS


Urb Playa Faa‘abe, Adeje , Tenerife, Spain (Fig. 1)
Distance to Amenaties - Beach - 100m , Golf Course - 5000m , Public Transport - 400m.
Enviromental Info - Sandy, Sun loungers, Parasols.
Hotel Type Info - Apartment complex.

The LOS OLIVOS HOTEL has a 3 star rating. It is an optimum choice for the majority traveling frequently. It is one of the of the hotels most widespread all over the world.
Built in 1995, this complex was renovated in 2000, and offers a total of 191 apartments/studios. Built in true European style, it has whitewashed walls, wrought iron railings on the windows, ochre-colored roof tiles and a pretty central courtyard full of plant pots and decorated with chairs and coffee tables. Guests are served under palm trees and there is a lovely bar from where a stone well can be seen. Guests are offered an 800-mA? garden.
Closest health centre, 100 M. Bus station, 1 KM. Fair/show area, 1 KM. Taxi rank, 100 M. Nearest sports area, 2 KM. Chemist, 100 M. Petrol station, 1 KM. Residential area, 3 KM. Quiet area, 3 KM. Next to a wooded area and a shopping area.
Room Facilities are the following - Bathroom, Direct Dial telephone, Kitchenette, Safe, Balcony.
Numbers are single or double both with one big bed, and with separate ones. There are three-local numbers for parents with the child: it is a double room with an additional bed or with a displayed sofa. (Fig. 2)
The cozy rooms at LOS OLIVOS hotel have a sunny atmosphere, combining sofas, armchairs, jugs full of flowers, headboards, bedspreads, curtains and rugs in different modern designs. (Fig. 3)

The front 2 also have balconies with views over crop fields and the olive groves that give the hotel its name.
The rooms are distributed around the large central courtyard and some have wonderful views. (Fig. 4)
Services - Bar-s, Fresh Water Pool, Sunbathing Terrace.
Hotel LOS OLIVOS has a bar-cafe for hotel guests, that serves breakfast from 08:00 to 11:00.


Fig. 5 Characteristics of LOS OLIVOS product

Specificity of hotel services:
1. Continuous character (the hotel should work continuously).
2. A necessary reserve of a fixed capital (cause of non-uniform demand).
3. Uniformity of services.
4. If the basic part of the service enterprises provides constantly living, hotel - visitors, therefore the hotel should render a complex of personal services.
5. Serving living, the hotel does not resort to the help of other organizations.
Hotel services are subdivided into:
- Information;
- Public catering;
- Trading;
- Household;
- Bank;
- Health service;
- Cultural - sports service.
Sale of a hotel product depends not only on the personnel of hotel, but also on internal quality of a hotel product (convenience, comfort, culture, a level of service, image of hotel). Sale appreciably depends on tour operators and travel agents, marketing decisions (including on fixing of the price), on presence of transport and transport messages, on a site of hotel and weather, an environment and recreational, cultural - historical opportunities of region, on image of the country, district, and also on the presence and quantity of competitors.
LOS OLIVOS is the modern tourist complex (complete-service hotel) which has the significant material and technical base providing a set of the complex-service, centralized service of tourists, having a rest, travelers. A plenty of components of a material and technical base of LOS OLIVOS testifies to its significance and complexity. The full list of all material and technical base of LOS OLIVOS contains in its passport, which is being the help document.
Buildings, constructions, electro-, gazo- and water supply systems, the systems which are included into LOS OLIVOS structure, are incorporated into the following groups.
1. Administrative buildings - 1.
2. Sleeping (actually hotel) buildings - 2.
3. Buildings of the enterprises of a feed sphere (restaurants, dining rooms, etc.) - 1.
4. Buildings of the centers of leisure and cultural service (entertainment) - 1.
5. Sports constructions -1.
6. House-keeping buildings - 1.
7. Engineering constructions, networks, and the equipment - 1.
8. Apartment houses (hostels) - 2.
- Common areas heated/air conditioned: central heating, air conditioning.
- 24 hour room service.
- Television room.
- Public telephone.
- Valuables service.
- Wi-Fi Free
Other facilities:
- Garden/terrace.
- Private car park.
- Terrace.
- Lounges.
- Courtyard.
The LOS OLIVOS rooms (services) of various functional purposes are combined in one building, and also are blocked in united constructions by transitions, galleries, etc.
The subsidiary services and rooms of the LOS OLIVOS hotel, directly serving tourists, are the following:
- A left-luggage office / 1;
- A house-keeper warehouse / 1;
- Technical workshops /1;
- Objects of rendering of the personal services (repair and cleaning of footwear, repair and ironing of clothes, urgent washing and a dry-cleaner, hairdressers) /1 /1;
- Boothes (chemists, newspaper, souvenir, perfumery goods) / 1;
- Point of a currency exchange /1;
- Rooms of the attendants (on floors) / 3;
- Rooms for administration / 4;
- Stations of rendering of various additional and sports services (a billiard room, a sauna, tour-cabinet, library, a rental agency sports, etc.) /1.
Realization of LOS OLIVOS product, thus, demand for high professional skill, art of strategic and operative management, high spiritual culture, the best human qualities and high training of the personnel of LOS OLIVOS.


The administration bears responsibility for operation of LOS OLIVOS. Among the major questions concerning to these - creation of collective culture. The favorable organizational climate has positive influence on perception of service by clients and serviceability of employees. Clients perceive received service much better in a friendly atmosphere. The supreme key element is the initiator of occurrence of the corporate culture which unites all parts of industrial structure of the enterprise down to the basis.
The organizational structure of LOS OLIVOS can be presented in the following scheme: (Fig. 6)

The administrative service is responsible for the organization of management by all services of a hotel complex, solves financial matters, questions of personnel maintenance, is engaged in creation and maintenance of necessary working conditions for the personnel of hotel, supervises observance of the established norms and rules on a labour safety, the safety precautions, fire-prevention and ecological safety.
The structure of service includes secretary, financial service, personnel service, the ecologist, inspectors on a fire safety and the safety precautions.
General managers have overall responsibility for the operation of the hotel. Within guidelines established by the owners of the hotel or executives of the hotel chain, the general manager sets room rates, allocates funds to departments, approves expenditures, and ensures expected standards for guest service, decor, housekeeping, food quality, and banquet operations. Managers who work for chains also may organize and staff a newly built hotel, refurbish an older hotel, or reorganize a hotel or motel that is not operating successfully. In order to fill entry-level service and clerical jobs in hotels, some managers attend career fairs.
Resident or hotel managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the property. In la...

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