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Описание (план):


1 Hotel ast hof *** characteristics
2 Description of hotel ast hof product
3 Human resources and organizational structure of ast hof ***
4 Working environment
5 Duties
6 Offered innovations
7 The basic features of positioning of hotel ast hof ***


Address: 25, B. Filevskaya, Moscow, 121309, Russia
Category: - (F)-FIRST CLASS HOTEL 3 STAR. Reservation Department: +7 (495) 933-78-78

AST HOF HOTEL (Fig. 1) - (5 floors, 105 rooms) built in 1985, renovated in 1999. The AST HOF HOTEL has been existing for a long time, it was built in 1969. In 2001 the hotel was reconstructed and renovated. The hotel is surrounded by business and exhibition centers, among which we can mark out the large exhibition complex Expocenter. There are some places of interest near the hotel – Poklonnaya gora, Borodinskaya panorama, Filevsky park.
HOTEL AST HOF is a privately owned European class hotel. It offers security and high level of services to all the guests.

(Fig. 2 Reception)
It’s located in the ecological clean region of Moscow close to the picturesque Filevsky park and Bagrationovskaya metro station.

(Fig. 3 Exterior view)
Its situated not far from historical and business centre of Moscow. 15 minutes drive to the Kremlin, the Expocentre, 50 minutes drive from the Sheremetyevo International Airport, 20 minutes from Kievsky railway station.
In the territory of the hotel there are also different places, where the guests can relax – a sauna, a restaurant, a cafe, a billiards room. Other hotel facilities include restaurant, currency exchange, laundry service, safe deposit boxes, sauna and car parking.

(Fig. 4 Bar Lobby)

The restaurant of the hotel is designed for 30 visitors. The restaurant «Mayak» is a branch of the most famous restaurants in Moscow-«Praga». Here the guests can order any dishes of European cuisine. The restaurant is open 24 hours.

(Fig. 5 Restaurant Mayak)

Business people can use services of a business center – 24-hour Internet, scanning, fax, xerocopying. There is also all necessary office equipment in the business center. Guests may also hold any business event, including conferences, meetings and presentations, in a conference hall and two banquet halls.

(Fig. 6)

At you disposal 2 banquet halls-conference hall (100 seats) with up-to-date equipment.
There are 95 comfortable rooms of different categories at the hotel. All the rooms are equipped with telephone communications, satellite television, Internet.

(Fig. 7 Room facilities)
Every room has electronic locks and double glass windows.

The hotel offers air-conditioned guest rooms, equipped with all modern facilities. (Fig. 8 Single)

Each room has a bathtub, coffee maker, telephone and television with cable. Room service is also available. (Fig.9)

Area of rooms of each category, m2
Single 8
Double 12

Bed size, cm
King size 170*200
Twin bed 90*195

Room equipment Availability
WC, bath/shower shower
Hair-drier No
Bathroom amenities Yes
Bathrobe No
Slippers No
Orthopaedic beds No
Refrigerator Yes
Minibar No
Air conditioner Yes
Spyhole Yes
Automatic fire alarm Yes
Fire-sensing elements Yes
Fire extinguisher Yes
Safe No
Telephone (city output) Free of charge
Cable TV channels Yes
Ability for PC usage No
Ability for Internet access No
Ability for Internet access (Wi-Fi) No
Availability of rooms specially equipped for disabled persons No
Accommodation with pets No
Non-smoking No
Other services Availability
Barber and hairdresser No
Fitness centre, open hours No
Baths No
Pool No
Jacuzzi No
Sauna No
Fitness equipment No
Solarium No
Massage No
Casino No
Alarm clock (wake-up service) Yes
Business centre, open hours Yes, 24 hours
Parking Yes
Room-service Yes
First aid post/ possibility to render first aid No
Security control video system Yes
Luggage room Yes


Extra service: room service is available 24 hours a day, there is ample parking space and the vehicles are kept under round-the-clock surveillance. The guest’s money and valuables will be safe with safety deposit boxes, which are at the reception.

Name Location Capacity, persons Cuisine Open
Mayak 1 floor 40 Russian, European 24 h.
Lobby bar Lobby 13 Snacks, drinks 24 h.

Among distinctive features can be called the following:
- attended parking;
- 2 banquet halls;
- laundry;
- restaurant;
- business center;
- sauna;
- safes.


Fig. 10 Characteristics of AST HOF product

Specificity of hotel services:
1. Continuous character (the hotel should work continuously).
2. A necessary reserve of a fixed capital (cause of non-uniform demand).
3. Uniformity of services.
4. If the basic part of the service enterprises provides constantly living, hotel - visitors, therefore the hotel should render a complex of personal services.
5. Serving living, the hotel does not resort to the help of other organizations.
Hotel services are subdivided into:
- Information;
- Public catering;
- Trading;
- Household;
- Bank;
- Health service;
- Cultural - sports service.
Sale of a hotel product depends not only on the personnel of hotel, but also on internal quality of a hotel product (convenience, comfort, culture, a level of service, image of hotel). Sale appreciably depends on tour operators and travel agents, marketing decisions (including on fixing of the price), on presence of transport and transport messages, on a site of hotel and weather, an environment and recreational, cultural - historical opportunities of region, on image of the country, district, and also on the presence and quantity of competitors.
AST HOF is the modern tourist complex (complete-service hotel) which has the significant material and technical base providing a set of the complex-service, centralized service of tourists, having a rest, travelers. A plenty of components of a material and technical base of AST HOF testifies to its significance and complexity. The full list of all material and technical base of AST HOF contains in its passport, which is being the help document.
Buildings, constructions...

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