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КОНТРОЛЬНАЯ РАБОТА 1. Which countries would you like and would not like to go and work in?2. What problems do you think people who work abroad have?


Тип работы: КОНТРОЛЬНАЯ РАБОТА . Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 29.10.2013. Сдан: 2012. Страниц: 19. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: < 30%

Описание (план):

Задание 1. Ответьте письменно на вопросы:
1. Which countries would you like and would not like to go and work in?
2. What problems do you think people who work abroad have?
3. Do you think working abroad is essential for a successful career? Why / why not?

Задание 2. Прочитайте и переведите текст письменно на русский язык.
In todays competitive job market, not spending time abroad can seriously damage your chances of climbing the career ladder. It is no surprise then that more and more graduates and professionals are looking for opportunities to live and work in a foreign country.
With record numbers of workers hoping to relocate, it is no longer enough to have done a work placement abroad or to speak a foreign language. This is no longer something that makes you different, says Nannette Ripmeester, director of Expertise in Labour Mobility. It is something employers expect.
But even if you are a strong candidate, the application process for foreign jobs is far from straightforward. The EU has introduced the Euro CV to standardise application procedures throughout Europe, but Ripmeester believes that a culturally adapted CV is better. What do I mean by that? For example, in the UK, it is customary to add hobbies and interests at the bottom of the page. In Italy however, that information is not necessary.
When you write your CV it is also a good idea to check whether a photo is necessary and whether an English-language CV should be written in American or British English. Another point to think about is whether or not employers will recognise your degree subject, especially when you have studied subject such as Wireless Network Systems, which doesnt necessarily translate into another language and culture.
You also need to consider the cover letter, the first thing that an employer will read. Approaches differ from country to country: get the CV right but the cover letter wrong and you destroy your chances of getting shortlisted for interview because the cover letter is the first thing that an employer will read. The British usually write long letters to во draw attention to relevant sections on the CV, the Italians want one or two sentences and the French expect candidates to handwrite detailed letters which may be analysed by handwriting experts.
When it comes to interviews, make sure you know about the work culture and understand the importance different countries place on language and speech. For example, the French use short sentences and hate silence, while Scandinavians have a deep respect for pauses. You may think these points are not important but by not paying attention, you are showing that you do not respect the culture of the country you wish to work in.
Making a mistake at the as interview is something Sarah Hall knows all about. She is from Liverpool in the UK and has worked in Germany, Sweden and Spain. My advice is to be aware of culture clash’. In Britain there is usually a maximum of two interviews. In southern Europe they will call you back for a third or fourth interview. I lost a very good job in Spain when I thought they werent serious. I withdrew my application because they asked me to go for a fourth interview. Looking back, I now realize they were doing as they always do. I behaved wrongly.
Its important to show that you understand the working culture. Adapting a similar style of dress to your co-workers, eating the kind of food they eat, enjoying similar activities - these things help to win trust and respect.
Think of yourself as a cultural chameleon, mirror the kind of messages you get about communication and appearance. People like people who remind them of themselves, and nobody likes what they dont understand.

Задание 2.1. Найдите в тексте эквиваленты к следующим словам и выражениям и запишите:
Возможности, выпускники, написать от руки подробное письмо, работодатели, вести себя неправильно, обращать внимание, уважать другую культуру, сопроводительное письмо, процедура приема на работу, внешний облик, общение, заявление о приеме на работу, сотрудники, подниматься вверх по карьерной лестнице.

Задание 3. Прочитайте текст и переведите его письменно на русский язык.

The well-known statement written by Hungarian humourist George Mikes ‘The one thing the English will never forgive the Germans for is working too hard’ is, of course, not literally true. However, it does reflect a certain lack of enthusiasm for work in general. At the upper end of the social scale this attitude to work exists because leisure has always been the main outward sign of aristocracy.
And because of Britain’s class system, it has had its effects throughout society. If you have to work, then the less it looks like work the better. Traditionally therefore, a major sign of being middle class (as opposed to working class) has been that you do non-manual work. The fact that skilled manual (or ‘blue collar’) workers have been paid more highly than the lower grades of ‘white-collar’ (i.e. non-manual) worker for several decades has only slightly changed this social perception.
This ‘anti-work’ outlook among the working class has led to a relative lack of ambition or enthusiasm and a belief that high earnings are more important than job satisfaction. These attitudes are slowly changing. For example, at least half of the workforce now does non-manual work, and yet a majority describe themselves as working class.
It would therefore seem that the connection between being middle class and doing non-manual work is growing weaker. Nevertheless, the connection between class distinctions and types of work lives on in a number of ways. One illustration of this is the different way in which earnings are conventionally expressed and paid. Perhaps the traditional lack of enthusiasm for work is the reason why the working day, in comparison with most European countries, starts rather late (usually at eight o’clock for manual workers and around nine for non-manual workers).
However, measured by the number of hours worked in a week, the British reputation for not working hard enough appears to be false. The normal lunch break is an hour or less and most people (unless they work part-time) continue working until five or later. Many people often work several hours overtime a week. In addition, a comparatively large proportion of British people stay in the workforce for a comparatively large part of their lives. The normal retiring age for most people is sixty five (sixty for some, including a greater proportion of women).

Задание 3.1. Ответьте письменно на вопросы:
1. What English attitude to work does George Mikes’ statement reflect?
2. Are attitudes to work in Britain changing?
3. How are the earnings of manual and non-manual workers expressed and paid?
Задание 3.2. Выпишите из текста английские эквиваленты для следующих слов и выражений:
На верши........

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