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Контрольная English for the Hotel & Catering Industry, Rod Revell &Trish Stott


Тип работы: Контрольная. Предмет: Ин. языки. Добавлен: 14.12.2013. Год: 2012. Страниц: 7. Уникальность по antiplagiat.ru: *. *

Описание (план):

Контрольная работа номер семь, учебное заведение ВГУЭС, специальность туризм
I. Для того, чтобы правильно выполнить задание 1, необходимо выучить лексику в учебнике English for the Hotel & Catering Industry, Rod Revell &Trish Stott, 1993(course book), стр. 7 раздел – New Words to use
II. Письменно переведите текст
The kitchen itself is almost a separate kingdom within the hotel. The head cook, almost always designated by the French word chef, is the boss of this hot, steamy, and at times chaotic area. The chef is responsible for planning the menus – that is, the food that is being served on a particular day – and for supervising the work of the other chefs and cooks. In very large or elaborate setups, the head cook is called the executive chef, and his responsibilities are largely those of a manager. He plans, purchases, and frequently coordinates the operation of several restaurants.
Depending on the size of the establishment, several assistant chefs report to the chef. These include a sauce chef, a salad chef, a vegetable chef, and so on. Under the chefs are cooks who actually cook the food and then place it on the plate for the waiters to pick up. Under the cooks’ supervision are the kitchen helpers who, for example, peel potatoes, cut up vegetables, and bring food from the storeroom to the kitchen. The kitchen staff also includes dishwashers, even in a kitchen equipped with electrical appliances, since pots and pans usually need special attention, and someone must load and unload the machines.
In the restaurant, as well as in the kitchen, there are also different kinds of jobs. The person who seats the guests is called a captain or maitre d’ (short for maitre d’hotel, another French expression that keeps appearing in the hotel and restaurant business), or a hostess, if a woman. In restaurants with a very formal style of service, the captain also takes the guests’ orders. The meals are served by waiters or waitresses. Most restaurants also employ busboys, who pour water, clear and set tables, and perform other similar chores. In some restaurants, however, the waiters and waitresses carry out these tasks. In an elaborate restaurant, there is often an employee called the wine steward, or sommelier, who takes orders for wine and sometimes for other alcoholic drinks. Finally, there are cashiers who receive payment or signed bills from the guests. When the guest puts his restaurant bill on his hotel account, this information must be passed along to the accounting office as quickly as possible.

III. Для того, чтобы правильно выполнить задание № 3 необходимо прочитать и перевести диалог в учебнике English for the Hotel & Catering Industry, Rod Revell &Trish Stott, 1993(course book) стр. 4
I. Прочтите слова на стр. 20 (Артуганова Л.К. Welcome to Vladivostok)
II.Прочитайте текст на стр. 21-24 (Артуганова Л.К. Welcome to Vladivostok)
II. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту, стр. 24 (Артуганова Л.К. Welcome to Vladivostok)
IV. Заполните прoпуски в предложениях.
V. Переведите следующее на русский язык.
Body language

список использованных источников:
Артуганова Л.К. Welcome to Vladivostok
English for the Hotel & Catering Industry, Rod Revell &Trish Stott, 1993(course book)

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