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Отчет по практике Practice on energy station


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Описание (план):

Energy is one of the main factors of production and the formation of modern society in general. Electric power is the leading element of countrys energy. Regarded as the industrial-technological complex, it includes systems for power generation joint (combined) production of electricity and heat as well as electricity transmission to the subscriber installations consumers.
In accordance with the curriculum I did my practice work in a limited liability company DTEK Zuevskaya TPP from 10th of February 2014 to 23rd of February 2014. This company is a limited liability and it is has the private form of ownership.
LLC "DTEK Vostokenergo" is the first and only one private power company in Ukraine which occupies fourth part of the electricity market produced by thermal power plants of Ukraine. LLC "DTEK Vostokenergo" includes three thermal power plants (TPP): Zuevskaya, Kurahovskaya (both located in the Donetsk region) and Lugansk (Lugansk region). The installed capacity of enterprises of "DTEK Vostokenergo" is 4157 MW. Due to the successful reconstruction of the equipment the installed capacity of the plant increased in 2009 to 32 MW and in 2010 to 40 MW. All TPP "DTEK Vostokenergo" operate mainly on thermal coal produced and enriched by DTEK.
ZuTES ( DTEK) is the youngest of Ukrainian stations and one of the most efficient in the industry. The station ranked third among fourteen Ukrainian TPPs for production and supply of electricity on the domestic energy market. For all the time the plant produced 156.7 billion kWh of electricity. Installed capacity of TPP is 1245 MW. Currently three power units are operated, one more is modernized. Among the secrets of success experts called effective leadership and management (ZuTES included in the company and is a part of DTEK "Vostokenergo"), professional staff, and as well as a large-scale modernization of facilities in accordance with the highest European standards. All this makes the station a modern and cost-effective, and hence demanded.
The purpose of the practice is to acquire practical skills in the collection and processing of primary information in the performance of analytical calculations and the development of measures for improvement of the economic and financial situation of the company.
To achieve this goal the following objectives have been identified:
- analyzed peculiarities of organizational and management structure of the organization;
- analyzed the economic aspects of production;
- learn the principles of business taxation.
During the practical training, it was :
- learned the basic documents which ensure correct functioning of the organization (work plan accounts, accounting policies and documents);
- acquainted with the work of the main areas of accounting (the movement of goods, cash, receivables, payments to staff, etc.);
- participated in a business enterprise;
Based on the reports for the three years it was conducted research of the basic indicators of financial and economic activities of the company, studied fixed assets and working capital, the cost of production and manufacturing.


1.1 The history of appearance and development of LLC DTEK Zuevskaya TPP

Zuyevskaya thermal power station (ZuTES ; previously ZuGRES -2) is a thermal power plant, located 40 kilometers east of Donetsk (Donetsk region, Ukraine). It is included to a private power generating company "DTEK Vostokenergo". The plant is a dominant local employer for the village of engineers, located 1 km south to the plant.
Back in 1921, when the famous electrification plan was approved, a small settlement in the Donbass was destined to a great future. In 1932 it was put into operation Zuevskaya State District Power Plant. By 1977 ZuGRES -1, previously one of the most powerful power stations of the Soviet Union has already developed its industrial life and became an experimental research laboratory of All-union thermotechnical Institute named by F. E. Dzerzhinsky. In its replacement it was beginning erection of ZuGRES -2, one power generating unit of which was more powerful than all ZuGRES -1 [3].
The starting point in the history of ZuGRES-2 can be considered as May 15, 1974, when the decree of Ministry of Energy of the USSR was approved future power capacity equal to 2400 MW. For the construction of ZuGRES-2 were withdrawn unsuitable for agriculture steppe lands.
The first director of power plant was V. I. Yakovlev. He was replaced by P. Sheremet, who headed Mironovskaya TPP until 1976.
The project Zuyevskaya power which has capacity 2 400mW on 8 power generating units by 300 MW each, was developed by the Kharkov Scientific-Research and Design Institute. The first power unit is scheduled in 1979, two following - in 1980, three blocks - in 1981 and the last two - in 1982.

Fig. 1.1. The beginning of construction, 1975

The construction of Zuyevskaya GRES-2 began after approval by management of Ukraine the plan about the building of a fundamentally new power plant construction.

Fig. 1.2. The Construction of cooling tower, 1979

One of the main problems was the water supply. It was necessary to create a powerful reservoir. The station is located on the numerous mine workings that are not allowed to dig a pit to 200m . cubic meters of water. So it was decided to build cooling towers. Due to lack of experience and experts, especially the first tower erection was conducted with great jams. When the first two blocks were launched in 1982, the tower is not yet built. It was decided to construct spray pond. This allowed operating power units number 1 and number 2 to enter into the work of the cooling tower number 1.
Zuyevskaya GRES- 2 is intended to cover the deficit of electric Donbass power grid, which is part of the Unified Energy System of the south. The main fuel was designed Donetsk gas coal.
Erection of ZuGRES -2 coincided with the adoption of the countrys total government program to encourage the construction of nuclear power plants. This caused problems during construction. After entering the first two cooling units the construction of ZuGRES -2 was suspended. Director power P. Sheremet had to apply to higher authorities to prove the absurdity of the idea of ??stopping the construction. The Chernobyl accident in April 1986 confirmed the need commissioning of new generating capacity in thermal power plants. The construction of ZuGRES -2 was continued, it was put into operation another two units (December 1986 and December 1988).
Maximum hourly fuel consumption on four units at their nominal capacity is 580 tons, the maximum daily consumption - 14,000 tons. Receiver with two rotary car-dumpers designed for unloading of wagons with coal tonnage 60, 93, 125 tons.
In "DTEK Vostokenergo" it was implemented the strategy of energy conservation and environmental policy priorities that have already helped to reduce emissions of ash into the atmosphere at power, past reconstruction, by 50%.
Since 2007, "DTEK Vostokenergo" conducted a large-scale modernization program, designed for up to 2016. The program aims to increase the reliability and efficiency of power equipment, and, as a consequence, reduce the cost of electricity produced.

1.2. Characteristics of the organizational management structure

The company has the following registration information:
- LLC DTEK Zuevskaya TPP;
- Address: Zugres, Donetsk region, 60 years of October street, 100;
- EDRPO 26160818;
- Telephone number: (06257) 50-3-59, additional phone: (06257) 50-3-11.
Main types of activity of Zuevskaya TPP are:
35.1 Production, transmission and distribution of electricity
45.21.1 General construction of buildings (new works, replacements).
The company is a legal entity from the date of state registration and conducts its activities in accordance with the Statute of the company. The organizational structure of the company related to the achievement of its global goal. In the number of internal factors that affect the efficiency of the operation of the companys nominated staff and organizational structure of the management that is closely dialectical relationship. The organizational structure is the material base of the management system enterprise largely determines the efficiency of its activities. It affects the efficiency of the operation of the company. Subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and other separated structural branches to the structure of the company are not included. Changes in the organizational structure in accordance with the preceding reported period were not held. No proposals about reorganization by third persons during the reporting period have been reported.
In the Figure 1.3 it can be seen the organizational structure of the enterprise - Zuevskaya TPP. The director of the TPP is Pitko Vladimir Yurievich; main engineer is Snegin Igor Dmitrievich.
Figure 1.3 Organisational structure of TPP in 2011

At the enterprise the control system for the quality of manufactured products developed and operate. All products shipped according to TU, which approved by Ministry of Fuel and Energy. In the company it is implemented measures to protect the environment.

1.3. Pricing policy of the thermal power station

Due to restrictions to data resources on the enterprise there are given the results of the pricing of the production only for 2001 year. In the Figure 1.4 it is shown how much electricity, thermoenergy and other products were produced.

Figure 1.4 Calculation of commodity products TPP
It is seen that electricity supply was 4725212 thous. kWh; the price for 1 untit was 0,1119; and the overall cost was 566080,4 thous. UAH. The supply of thermal energy was 48500 Gcal, price for 1 unit - 51,05 and the cost - 2475,9 thous. UAH. Other products 996 m3, for the cost - 317,1 thous. UAH. But the cost price actual was differ: for electricity - 0,1201 for 1 unit of UAH; thermal energy - 45,01 for 1 unit of UAH and other products - the cost was less 220 thous. UAH.
Also, in the Figure 1.5 it is shown how fuel consumption was made.

Figure 1.5 Fuel consumption
In the Figure 1.5 it is shown how the fuel was consumed: total consumption of fuel oil was 4408 tnt; coal for 2549761 tnt, from this amount for electicity and power energy was supplied - 2548656 tht, and rest 1102 tnt; gas was consumed in the amount of 184862 thous. nm3. Generally, to the main consumers of electricity could be included: industry (including agricultural production) 35%, agriculture 22%, 21% for the population, social services 15%, other 7% of consumers.


2.1. Analysis of the potential of the DTEK Zuevskaya TPP

It was studied the Form 1-PF Report about labor and analyzed the development and growth of the average wage, the growth of production, number of employees and production.
The results are given in Table 2.1. It shows the connection between the increase rate of productivity and average salary, between the increase of production, amount of workers and productivity, their influence on extra costs on labor remuneration and determines the reasons of that.

Table 2.1 - Dynamics of indicators of the use of labor potential Zuevskaya TPP for 2009-2011 years.

Indicators Units 2009 2010 2011 Growth (+), decrease (-),%
2010 to 2009 2011 to 2010 2011 to 2009
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Output thous. UAH 572235 699459 861289 +18,2 +18,7 +33,5
2. Average number of employees people 922 906 897 -1,8 -1 -2,8
3.Labour productivity thous. hr./man 620,6 772,02 960,2 +19,6 +19,6 +35,4
4. Gross wages thous. UAH 29953,7 34764,5 41642 +13,8 +16,5 +28,1
in % to output 5,2 4,9 4,8 -6,1 -2,1 -8,3
6. The average monthly wage of the worker UAH 32487,7 38371,4 46423,6 +15,3 +17,3 +30

The calculation of increase (reduction) rate indexes is conducted based on evident given data with the use of chain and base methods.
So, we can see that output of the Zuevskaya TPP increased in 2010 compared to 2009, and in 2011 to 2009 by 33,5 %. The average number of employees decreased each analyzed year, but labor productivity increased. The gross wages grew in 2010 and more in 2011 by 28,1% compared to 2009. This changes in labor cost was due to increase in salaries (tariff rates) on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On setting the subsistence minimum and the minimum wage " from 20.10.2009 № 1646 -VI; - increase in the variable portion of salaries, namely the growth of bonus payments from 15% to 25%; payments for personnel of Zuevskaya TPP compensation for length of service ( in accordance with the Collective Agreement of Zuevskaya TPP benefits payments for employees who dismissed for retirement voluntarily ( in accordance with the Collective Agreement of Zuevskaya TPP) [1].
The next point is the analysis of the qualitative characteristics of the labor potential of the Zuevskaya TPP.

Table 2.2 - Analysis of the qualitative composition of the labor potential of the Zuevs........

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